Release Notes

3.0 (2015-07-08):

  • changes for Elgg 1.10
  • fixed: static subpages now show if filtering on a group
  • fixed: tag_tools notifications on new newsletter
  • Hello,


    is it possible to use this plugin for sending mass mails to all users?

    Best regards


  • Hello

    I use 3.0 with elgg 1.12.3. I sent a newsletter with a image.  I attached image via press that small mountain logo on toolbar.

    I sent newsletter. Everybody receive. But no image in email. My site is walled garden. The image used is also from my walled garden site. Is it the reason? But then in the email when I click on "If you can't read this newsletter, check it online", I can see message with image correct (during this time I am NOT logged in in my site on another tab of browser). 

    So if email no image because image is in walled garden site, then how come I can see it when I click the link. So maybe the reason not walled garden?

  • Doesn't seem to work with Extended TinyMCE 4.7.9

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