Release Notes

2.0 (2015-07-08):

  • added: a subtext to the custom sender e-mail address input field
  • added: a tooltip to the subscribers form
  • added: back button to preview page if there is a referer
  • added: description to the newsletter description to explain that is will not be part of the newsletter content by default
  • added: extra confirm to schedule form if no recipients are selected
  • added: missing language keys for embed format step
  • added: plugin hook so other plugin can influence template availability
  • added: plugin settings to allow custom email addresses to be used for the sending of newsletters
  • added: the format form
  • added: allow formatting of content before being embedded #37
  • added: option to embed content from outside the group #35
  • added: plugin setting for url postfix #38
  • added: steps to the creation page of a newsletter #32
  • added: composer support
  • changed: replaced site with container in footer unsubscribe link
  • changed: output html of format embed step
  • changed: layout of embed table
  • changed: steps moved to tabs #31
  • changed: text of Sending tab #34
  • changed: text on save buttons on schedule page #33
  • changed: easier selection of the status notification to yourself (initialy)
  • changed: moved part of the js to an AMD loaded module
  • fixed: correctly fetch the recieved newsletters of a user
  • fixed: newsletter description is no a regular text input
  • fixed: use default friendly time for sent timestamp
  • fixed: prevent the creation of the unwanted hidden-accessible element
  • fixed: moved site subscription to a sub view
  • fixed: remember show_all flag when navigating embed listing
  • fixed: show preview button on all subpages if there is content
  • fixed: double loading of format step html
  • fixed: format page not functioning after searching in embed content
  • fixed: load correct php.ini for background process #40
  • fixed: newsletter search results not displaying correctly
  • fixed: newsletters in groups could be made private
  • fixed: use of a removed function #27
  • fixed: no longer automaticly set status to sending when clicking 'send now button'
  • removed: left over console.log

Jerome Bakker

Developer @ ColdTrick IT Solutions


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-6-14
  • Downloads: 5502
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