• i have the facebook like plugin by Cim can we run this plugin and that 1 at the same time as Cims plugin is quite simmilar to this but his is just for facebook like

  • I don't think you'd want to run them at the same time.  In fact I don't think you would want to use this overlay plugin unless it served a specific purpose. 



  • That didn't answer your question :-) Yes they both work together, but it would be really annoying (imo) to use them both.  If you need both, it would probably be better to combine the two plugins.  eg: add the facebook code to this overlay - in the message section on the left.

  • thanks for the reply, hmm can you do that jubo? i am sure Cim wont mind at all if you combined both plugins into 1 and would be very cool!!! ^_^

  • also jubo Cim made a plugin for blogs like a facebook fan page plugin but not for pages maybe you could work with cim and make a extremmly cool fb style pages plugin!


  • Can I combine the two for you... No.

    It isn't difficult, and it's the kind of site-specific customisation I expect people to make to this plugin.


  • ok well for me i am still learning so at this time i can not combine them i am sure someone will as anyone using fb like and your plugin will need to combine them so hopefully 1 of those people will do that today or tommorow ^_^ so say if someone go to a elgg site eg: site.com/blog/kh435345  they will see this message from your plugin before seeing any content, i guess i answered my own question there

  • Thanks juBo! absolutely fantastic! I left you a reply in the community forum. I highly recommend this for anyone concerned about legal liabilities from guests that view their site! Well done!

  • Thanks John, I thought it might be useful for you.  It is something that I had already made as part of a theme. You could potentially do a lot of different things with this plugin (I keep snippets like this around so that I don't have to start from scratch every time).

  • ok no problem i appreciate your time and work and of course your themes, have a good xmas and new year : )

  • Lol.....merry xmas......great plugin

  • Put your plugin on the site is very good nice start page with more information. It is like there is an issue. If you register with your page, it is unclear whether sent an e-mail after the check returns back to your page and there are no messages. If you pass the site to view and reyestruyeshsya works there then plug greetings Welcome page for Elgg  " https://community.elgg.org/plugins/1543659 " how to do that after the registration of your page also passed on the welcome page of the plugin. I would be very grateful.

    Auto translation

  • I'm not sure that I understand what you are asking.

    Are you having problems when using the overlay with the Welcome page plugin?

  • I install your plugin on my site, and I like it very much, beautiful first page with more information, but I have a trouble. If new one want register from you page he haven’t message about mail, plugin return to your page, people can have trouble and don’t understand what to do next. When new one register from site then works “greeting’’ plagin.  Are possible to have redirection to this plugin from yours after registration?

    Best regards

  • I see your problem.

    Both plugins work OK on their own. Not together.

    Go to: mod/jb_overlay/views/default/jb_overlay/overlay.php. Line 4. Change to:

    if($_SESSION['et_session'] == null && $whereami !== 'register' && $whereami !== 'forgotpassword' && $whereami !== 'welcome') {

  • Thank you for helping. All working. I very grateful for help and like plugin.


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