Dynamic SEO v1.10.2

Release Notes

Fixed issues with admin panel.

  • Hi Gerard, I downloaded the 1.10.2 version but zip file contains 1.9.6 one. The same in Github.

    In the other hand, I see this warning:

    "PHP message: PHP WARNING: 2015-07-08 00:55:08 (PDT): "implode(): Invalid arguments passed" in file mod/metatags/views/default/metatagsgen/metatags.php (line 19)"

    Suggested solution:

    if ($my_page_entity->tags){

    $tags = implode(",", $my_page_entity->tags);




  • Hi Javier,

    You are right about the versioning in manifest. I should update that.

    As to the warning. This happens when there are no tags or just one tag but it is harmless. If you don't want them to be in the logs, I suggest:

            if (count($my_page_entity->tags) > 1) {
                    $tags = implode(",", $my_page_entity->tags);
                    $tags = $my_page_entity->tags;

            if(($page->tags) && ($context != 'profile')){
                    if(!empty($tags_array)) {
                            $tags = implode(",", $page->tags);

  • Updated from Github and all working ok. Thanks Gerard!


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