Dynamic SEO v1.0.1

Release Notes

- Added plugin setting for default site image.

- Fixed author setting



  • I have removed the interconnect plugin. I have installed metatag 1.0.3 and activated now

  • I ran (http://analyzer.metatags.org/) analysis on my site and got the following results. I need advice on how to solve the following results . Please post examples for each field.

    Web page analysis:This page contains too many URLs.

    This web page contains 132 urls.Some Search Engines have problems with more than 100 urls on a page.


    This description tag contains too many characters. This tag contains 206 characters
    This is too many for what we would consider a 'robot friendly' web page.
    The maximum number of characters we recommend for this tag is 200 characters.
    Please use our online metatags wizard to create metatags.

    This tag contains 206 characters.



    You can add up to 20 keywords in this metatags. Please feel free to add more word(s)..
    This tag contains 176 characters.

  • I cannot help you like this. You are still reacting on an old version of the plugin, you do not specficy which page you are testing and I checked the site you gave and it doesn't seem to have the plugin enabled.

  • sorry that I am posting on an old version. I am running 1.0.3version now.

  • You are still not providing information on what page you are checking and if it is on the snoopas.com domain I can't see that the plugin is active

  • Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["config"] or $CONFIG being available in views

    Thats what i see pls what can i do?

  • @mixpeal, Don't worry, this message should only be shown to admin, if you have your settings as recommended. The error is fixed in the Github version.

  • good night, I installed this plugin on my site.
    When I activate the plugin page of friends is blank.
    Do you have any solution?


  • @Marcos_Faro, Nope, but why are using one of the first versions of this plugin ? But to be able to help you, start using the latest version, provide me with some error log. This is an unknown issue so far.

  • Thanks for the reply,  @Gerard
    I'm using version 1.0 to 1.9 this available in Elgg community.
    If you have higher version, I would like to install on my site.
    My website is in Elgg 1.96.


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  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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