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Release Notes

- Added plugin setting for default site image.

- Fixed author setting



  • Mmmm it was Simplepie, sorry Gerard. I noticed 2 RSS Feed in Add widgets in profile...


  • Oke, you still need to do the frontpage part for metatags. No description or keywords there now. Other pages do

  • Yeah, that's because I was testing the github version again which was the first one I installed..so will put this one here back working :)

  • I highly recommend this plugin for SEO purposes! After enabling it check (as Gerard says) on metachecker.net and you'll see awesome results!

    @Gerard, really thank you very much for this. Just 1 thing. My pages are well ranked (very close to "excellent" result in metacheker) but I always see the following, despite I did add a robots.txt file, what do you think?

    "Found no Robots meta tag. The Robots meta tag is used by most of the search engines. Consider to add a Robots meta tag."
    Does metachecker need to find a robots meta tag in each file? If so, could it be a plugin additional setting such as indicating the path where the robots.txt is? Or, since it should be in main public dir, have the plugin look for it automatically?
    PS thanks for still loving me.... I also love you... :D


  • Adding a robots metatag should not be needed, the protocol as described here. http://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html specifies that it should be in the root of your website /robots.txt

    Search engines should look for it there. There is no need for adding a metatag, it does not influence ranking.

    There is still left room for improvement in the plugin, but yes it works very well in its current form. Go for PR6, I'd like to know how you got to PR5 without any optimisation. It must be something with quality backlinks, but how did you acheive that ? Maybe we can work on that thought and automate some of that work. 


  • Hi Gerard,

    I was asking for the robots thing just because metacheker sees lack of this metatag as a lack of data to perfectly (based on their criteria) index pages.

    As for my PR really nothing tech, just content and yes, quality backlinks I guess but without asking, that was and is natural ranking. I basically invested a lot in human relationships, offline events and so on...

    Ah, before I forget. I tried to change the hardcoded keywords for the homepage within views/default/metatagsgen/metatags.php but despite of flushing caches+upgrading few times, metachecker still doesn't see them and says 3 keywords ",,,". It looks like doesn't read correctly line 185, doesn't read keywords listed there...isn't it strange?


  • That is indeed strange ! Can you add these lines below "$context = .... " in that file.

    if(elgg_is_admin_logged_in()) {

    And then go to your homepage. I'd like to know what you see on top of that page then. It will only show up for admin users and nobody else.

  • I see string(8) "activity"

    Could it be the login redirector plugin? But that should not affect logged out users/metachecker...

  • It should be "index"  That is why the keywords don't work.  The context of the homepage should be index.

    You can either change line 185 to activity or find out why it is redirected to /activity

  • Correction. line 182 (change index to activity)

  • That didn't work. Metachecker still says "

    Keywords 3 ,,,"
  • Then you must have done something wrong. If context of the homepage is activity and you changed line 182 accordingly , it will reflect the keywords on line 185.

  • Mmmm wait, I still think is a login redirector issue.

    If I am logged in as admin as you require to check the context then login redirector doesn't allow me to simply go to the index page but always redirects to /activity

    How about checking it as logged out? I know everybody would see it but for just few secs. What should I add?


  • The only way to check what the context of your homepage is while being logged out ,like a search robot is also not logged in, is to use var_dump($context);   



  • Oke, then change it to if(!$context) {

    Do you have plugins that change the index, like widget manager, custom index or some other plugin ?

  • On row 182 did <meta name="keywords" content="<?php if($context !== NULL) {

    and now homepage looks better, is that correct in your opinion?

  • I use widget manager but "Use Widget Manager custom index?" is set to No and have no other plugins (except for customized theme and language selector) modifying index. One of these?

  • Oke, correct coding should be if(!empty($context) {  but you can leave it as it is now.

    I need to fine out if this is default behaviour that the indexe page has no context. Does anyone else knows ?

  • Just as additional note, if I put if(!empty($context) it breaks the site (admin area as well)


  • Sorry about that one closing ) forgotten

    if(!empty($context)) {

  • man...sorry for not seeing it and reporting such a stupid one...

  • please explain the statement in the "settings" area: Give the filename of an image that represents your site. This file must located be in the folder /_graphics

    Does it require the path to the logo in my sites server or web url

    e.g public_html/_graphic

  • The path is not required, just the name of the file.

  • I tried meta tag analysis on my site and got the following result:

    Advice me.

    Title: Title relevancy to page content is terrible.
    The Title relevancy to page content is 0%.

    Description: Found no description meta tag.
    The description meta tag is used by most of the search engines. Consider to add a description meta tag.


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  • Updated: 2018-2-5
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