Dynamic SEO v1.0.1

Release Notes

- Added plugin setting for default site image.

- Fixed author setting



  • thanks for the update.. testing now.

    i disabled the cache since i am using my development machine here and constantly flushing the cache every time i test a change is not so helpful to efficiency. some points with this new version:

    1. keywords: i am looking at my homepage and see the keywords being used: 'social network,join,register,login' - which are not the ones i wish to have used on the homepage - a way to change this would be useful - i haven't looked at the other pages much yet.
    2. url prefixes: i am using https only on my site and the urls are rendered with http prefix.. which suggests that they are hardcoded.. i think there is a way to easily fix this with elgg.. maybe just use the output/url view for urls.
    3. author: i am still seeing:
      <link rel="author" href=""/> + <meta name="author" content="dev: infinite eureka" />
    4. tidypics image url is being set to group/profile icon rather than the image icon (same  for videolist, blog (via image added in blog_tools) and (i assume) other entity types).

    p.s. i have been 'professional tester' for 2 software companies.. some loved my attention to detail and some hated it.. lol.. ;)


  • another minor issue.. for some reason the 2nd keyword that is shown when i view my own profile or other pages that show keywords for me, includes an empty 2nd keyword.. just 2 apostrophes.. so whatever that is intended to contain is not being shown and no test for empty is being done.

  • @ ura soul  I will add default configurable keywords for frontpage to the TODO list. For now, I suggest edit the /views/default/metatags/metatags.php and change it as you like.

    URL's for rel author is read from $user->website which is a default profile field. Whatever the user enters (or not) will be listed. In your example the user has not entered a personal website. It has nothing to do with whether your site is https or http.

    Image url instead of icon for og:image could be a nice enhancement, but I need to be able to determine whether content has images. Any suggestions for that ?


  • i started looking at the code in this plugin to extract useful parts to put into social functions.
    i notice this line in metatags.php:

    $title = urldecode(html_entity_decode(strip_tags($title)));

    yet that $title variable is not being set anywhere to a value that i am aware of.. can you explain why that is?

  • $title is determined in views/default/page/elements/head.phph as:  $title = $vars['title'];

    Every page has a title, in the line you noticed, I only make it readable for ASCII based search engines,

  • ah ok, that's first occurence i have seen of variables being used from view to view in elgg - so wasn't expecting it.

  • While extending a view, you can use previously determined vars.

  • i add this plug in to my site ,and put information to the meta , but i can't searche my site by google till now.

  • @tina1000 What is your site ? If it is a new site, add it to google webmaster tools so google will start crawling. The plugin helps getting the pages correctly indexed, as well as sharing

  • Why is the elgg.org site properly indexed on search engines and the sites that run it do not?Or are they two different scripts?

  • There can be a lot of reasons for that. My site centillien.com is very well indexed (over 380.000 pages).

    - Only public content is indexed, if your site has little or no public content it cannot be indexed.

    - Pagerank, the community has a high pagerank and a lot of traffic.

    - Use of google analytics for tracking pages. The community uses this and so any new pages are immediately recognised.

    - The community uses the same engine as other sites. Currently 1.8.18 There are some addtional plugins but none are SEO optimised.

    BTW, you can check all this information to look at the source of this or any other page on the community.

    But besides that, you can use my plugin for automatic optimization, this will not correct all the advantages as described above that the community has. Most important for any site getting large traffic is good content and that is what this community has.


  • Hi Gerard,

    muchly needed plugin, very nice.

    One thing I noticed though is it doesn't seem to 'replace' the current 'title' tag, so the source has the title tag you generate Plus the existing one (which is the one picked up by the search engines).

    I'm using per jensens responsive design in 1.9.  Haven't had a chance to see if this is the problem or not yet.

  • when i wrote the interconnected plugin i also encountered this challenge.. 

    i chose to not insert a title via php/html in the way that this pluging does to avoid the duplicating.

    so far i didn't replace the titles, so the main page titles remain as default - yet the opengraph titles are customised.

    to effectively replace the title would require replacing the page/elements/head.php view.

  • I don't have that problem over here, but I use a sligthly different version of the plugin. I did check the source and could not find that. The plugin is extending the head.php view and therefore overwrites the original <title> tags. Is it possible that another plugin is also producing another title ?

  • if you extend the head then the old version remains and is 'extended' - you need to over-ride the whole view by matching the pathname / directoryname of the old head with the new one in your plugin.. and not use elgg_extend_view

  • Ah yes, you are right. I did ran into that problem but temp fixed it by removing the original title. Bad boy !

    Yes, overwriting it and taking all current stuff in the head would be the best solution here.

  • the only reason i didn't do that in my version is because i thought that many sites may already be over-riding the head for their own reasons.. though thinking again about this, that may not be true.

  • i find titile is not repalced and the keyword , how it works , cna u give me some advice.

  • i find titile is not repalced and the keyword , how it works , can u give me some advice. i have chencked  the seo by http://tool.chinaz.com/Tools/MetaCheck.aspx?url=9ichat.cn&btnMetaCheck=%E6%9F%A5+%E8%AF%A2 , my keyword is "front,,," . i don't know where can i change it?

  • The keywords are automatically taken from the tags that a user gives to the content. Except for the homepage (which does not have tags). It is currently hardoded in views/default/metatagsgen/metatags.php

    The title is indeed not replaced. See the work around for that in the discussion.

    When I find the time I will fix both in a new version, so you have keywords for the frontpage as a plugin setting and overwrite the default header instead of extending it.

  • The github version is indeed a bit ahead, I will release a new version when I finish the todo's. PR increase takes time and people actually linking your site.

    The plugin will help get you found on search engines and makes sharing better. Even google itself does not influence the pagerank. They only calculate it based on the number of backlinks and the pagerank of the linking page. 

    Please let us know what your experiences are. The best things I noticed:

    - Better descriptions in Google and even better in other SE. (google has a preference to determine the description themselves)

    - No more messing up of avatars in search engines using static links (use the plugin setting !!)

    - More sharing and more traffic from social network because the pictures are shown correctly

    - More pages indexed.


  • Yes, change the keywords for the frontpage to match your site. A PR 5 is impressive !

  • No you are right, keywords are not yet a plugin setting. That is one of the TODO's

    Change views/default/metatags/metatags.php

    But there is something wrong. I checked your site and a lot of tags are missing. Maybe you should try the plugin version and not the github. That is a development version, and has not been tested properly.

    I will release a new one soon ! And if you like it, don't forget to recommend it, so others can determine what plugins are usefull and which are not.


  • I recommend using this one. But you need to tweak it depending on the plugins you use. Some plugins have pages you don't want to be in the index, since it will confuse people.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /cache
    Disallow: /simplecache
    Disallow: /mfeed
    Disallow: /search
    Disallow: /page_top
    Disallow: /pages/revision
    Disallow: /*view=rss$
    Disallow: /messages
    Disallow: /action


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