AU Spotlight v1.0

Release Notes

This is a work in progress and has not yet been thoroughly tested on a live site - use at your own risk (and tell me if anything fails to work so I can try to fix it!). 

Important note

This should work with the default theme and with quite a few others (it works with at least two that I have tested it with) but it may not work straight out of the box with yours. If the formatting looks wrong, you may need to make modifications to the CSS of your own theme or that of this plugin. Before asking for help, please note that I am not much of an Elgg expert and know little about different themes so probably won't be able to provide detailed help with this. If you do find ways to make it work with different themes, do post the magic formulae here!

The CSS file can be modified to match your own colours, layouts, etc. In some cases, you may need to edit the plugin's footer.php file. One known issue: if you are using the Elastic theme by Andrej at, or a theme derived from it, this already provides a footer with which this plugin is compatible but it will clash. If you are using that theme, comment out the line:


in start.php, and the plugin should work fine. 


  • oh this looks good thank you for a new plugin : ) can it be used with easytheme?

  • It will almost certainly display the content in Easytheme, but I can't tell from a glance at the source whether the formatting will be nice. Tell me if it isn't! For themes that depart significantly from the default, this footer is sometimes aligned to the left instead of inline with the theme. That usually means a bit of tweaking of CSS is needed.

  • ok i will check it soon and give you feed back is this the same as footer editor but with more options?

  • adding now hmm should i disable footer editor well lets see what happens lol

  • works perfect with easy theme and with footer editor plugin so it is compatable with everything basically good work thanks again : )

  • Real nice, thanks. It does interfer with ads mod so can't use it. Be nice if you had added a box to cut them off. Thanks

  • what ads mod you using? i am using ads rotator no probs, though i dont use ads rotator for footer ads i use fotter editor mod

  • I've had a quick look at the ads plugin - it does indeed have among its configuration options the means to extend the footer view, which is what this plugin does too. How is it interfering? If it is just a formatting issue, it might be as simple as changing the order it appears - in the start.php of this plugin I extend the footer with a priority of 450, which should normally put it on top of anything else in the footer. If you change that to (say) 501, it will go below.

  • the only problem I see is that the footer background (using easy theme) does not get dynamically resized to the extend of the text.

    The columns are also not exactly evenly spaced on my site.

    But otherwise great plugin, thanks!

  • Thanks Krischan!

    I'm guessing Easy Theme uses a fixed-size footer as this plugin should expand to 100% of the available footer space - you might need to override Easy Theme if it is stopping it expanding to the full width.

    I deliberately made the centre column bigger, but it's very easily changed. All the style info is in views/default/au_spotlight/css.php and the CSS is simple and (hopefully) self-explanatory: just change the relevant column widths to suit your needs. Note that column widths are in percentages for normal sized screens but in pixels for small-screen users, so you might want to change settings for each screen size. I suspect that might be what is causing the issue with Easy Theme.

  • It also does not seem to render correctly on a mobile browser, at least when using it in combination with easytheme.

  • Thanks Krischan

    On a phone or similar it should stack into a vertical format, one above the other. Is that not what is happening? Only tested on Android and iOS, and desktop browsers at different sizes - are you using something different?


  • I tested it with the FirefoxOS simulator.

    But I guess the intended behaviour is actually the problem, as our page does not dynamically resize for mobile browsers (the custom index of the widget manager does not allow that and I have yet to come up with an alternative front-page for mobile users). So in the end everything looks like on a desktop, just the footer stacks vertically thus making things look broken.

  • I see! 

    You could remove the @media chunks from the css.php file, leaving just the basic CSS - that should stop it being responsive. 

    We also use the widget manager index and have a modified version of the Aalborg theme (which is becoming the 1.9 theme)  ported by Juho Jaakkola to 1.8 at I've used this as the basis of a couple of themes because, with very little tweaking, it works well with widget manager, stacking the columns in much the same way as I am doing in this plugin.

  • I think the problem I have is the asymetric index widget layout.

    Found a small bug: you can't uncheck the admin context help (also reported on github).

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