Import address book v1.2

Release Notes

- Code fixes

- Elgg Buttons

- Selection of images (inline or multiple with css)

Thanks to Ura Soul.


  • i think the issue with open inviter was that the forums are full of spam:

    i'm going to look at integrating some of the other site plugins such as twitter and youtube.

  • Oke, I will look into LinkedIn then

  • i see the possibility exists for adding support for auto-updates:

    i haven't yet found how to add new plugins.. do you know where i should look/read?

  • Download the general package. In the folders plugin and conf there are files for the different vendors.

    Copy only those you want to test to our plugin and start testing. Change conf file, if and when needed.


  • i have already downloaded the specific files from the openinviter site, so i just need to look at where to copy them to (i think). 

    i just saw that 'linked in' is listed as 'not working' on the open inviter list.

  • You need to copy them to vendors/OpenInviter . Configs in conf and plugins in (yes) plugins


  • ok, i moved them into the plugins folder..
    i see the options in the list..

    so far...
    twitter: found no contacts (possibly correct since i do not have contact there.. only those i 'follow').

    youtube: could not login (even though logging in to gmail is ok) - i was asked for the username and not the email address.. so the 'email' label in the importer plugin needs to be changed to 'user id / email' or similar.

    facebook: Login failed: ensure the email & password you have provided are correct (i changed the password in facebook to confirm the details i am using are the correct ones)

    vimeoLogin failed: ensure the email & password you have provided are correct

    the conf files for these sites were already in the importer plugin... hmm..

    i just noticed that this plugin could be extended into the 'suggested friends' plugin so that those who are in a user's contacts are found in the elgg site and suggested as new friends.

  • Hmm, to bad. Working on linkedIn but also no luck. Proably the wrong URL for logging in. Trying to fix this.

    Yes, extending invitefriends would be nice. One is fill in the invitefriends form with the imported contacts.

    Someting like /invite?email=$contacts or something

    Other thing would be indeed to add existing members as friend. Should be listed

  • so i can see an evolution of:

    • search for existing friends amongst contacts and add links to 'add as friend' next to any that are found (or possibly show a 2nd list that includes only the ones that have been found).
    • redesign invite friends and friend importer interface so that we can import contacts from multiple sites in one go (maybe using a tabbed interface - one tab for each site) + add those imported emails to any that have been manually typed in.
    • use the internal invite friends method for sending the invites which will bring all the functionality within elgg's email system, allowing html messaging and integrating the personal message text into the body of the message, rather than it being seperate as it is using the openinviter method we use here now.
    • only show contacts who are not already in the elgg database as site users.

    i think ajax would be best used here. i haven't looked at the code much yet.

  • Excellent idea, using internal invite is already done if we show the imported contacts in the invite form.

    Even the last point is not an issue, since those who are already member, will not be invited by invitefriend.

  • Not working buddy.i try to use my google mail.
    google reply:
    "We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker trying to access your account. Please review the details of the sign-in attempt"

  • @v06, I am not sure what went wrong there, but that is not the typical reaction of google. I just tested this plugin again with gmail and it immediately provided me my address book. Maybe you entered the wrong login details and caused google to see it as a hijacking attempt.

  • The problem is my web server located in user using somewhere in the world."hijacking attempt"

    How to avoid this problem....any suggestion???


  • @v06, my best guess is that google does not trust your server. Do you have a google developer account ? If not, it is best to create one

    Create a client ID and specify as one of the Redirect URI's.

  • Hi, I think I set it up correctly. I tried importing contacts from and In both cases I received 'Login failed: ensure the email & password you have provided are correct'. Regards.

  • That is a generic error which can be related to either connectivity issues like DNS configurations, firewalls etc..

    It also can be off course that the error is indeed correct and your credentials are incorrect. If you have a google account, try that one and see if that fails too. If so, it is most likely a generic error

    I tested Yahoo and Gmail and that works, I cannot test since I do not have an account

  • Login failed: ensure the email & password you have provided are correct.



  • @Aldo, when does this error occur ? See the notes above that this is a generic error which is most probably related to DNS or other connectivity problems, or it actually is what is says, wrong email or password.

  • No, sorry. This plugin is not actively maintained. However, it probably works anyway.


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