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This is the only release I will post here. Updates will be posted on the Plugin Homepage. (latest version)

On the forum you will find help and also tips to customize the theme to your brand.

  • Moved 

    Image CAPTCHA 2.0 below theme and now it works.

    Moved Donation 1.8.3 below theme and will work on front apge. Thanks for the good work

  • Hi,

    I installed and activated the plugin. It works fine at this point. However, I have one small issue...

    Nest to news feed, I see three text objects that are not in english language? Can you suggest what is that and how do I change the language for the same. My installation language is English. Attached snapshot herewith.


  • Hey Guys,


    I have figured out the "fatal error" issue. I'd like to jog my mind right now to figure out all of what I did last night lol but in simple I notice that this theme as awesome as it is seems to not support many plugins. For some odd reason I dont see any of the widgets on the profiles and I have all of them added. Is anyone else experiencing this? Your feedback helps a lot!

  • I installed the theme but it doesn't show up in plugins.  Unzipped to /mod/kestrel/


    What am I doing wrong?

  • theme looks great.But when i activate 3 column river activity and river addon plugin then some buttons appears double.Specially buttons (ex.add event,add group etc.) related with groups and event calender to overcome from this problem?

  • How would I make the navbar height taller? I put my logo in place of the site name.. need help

  • Very nice theme but, Not compatible with Widget Manager. Get Fatal Error.

    If you use Widget Manager custom index, you get the following error:

    Fatal Error.

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Output started in file ..../mod/widget_manager/pages/custom_index.php at line 88. Search for more information.

    SecurityException Object
    [message:protected] => Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Output started in file /mod/widget_manager/pages/custom_index.php at line 88. Search for more information.

  • Hey, I need help!
    First, I would like to say that this is the better theme in elgg (my opinion).
    Well, I wanted to know how could I put an add form to videos (videolist plugin) in the composer.
    I see that if I have blog plugin enabled, in the composer there will be an add form to blog posts...same to files or bookmarks.But there is not and add form to videos when I enable videolist plugin....Is it possible?

    If it is, please help me...Thanks since now and keep this great job!

  • Isn't this a mod of the Facebook theme by Evan?

  • Is this a responsive theme? Is there any mobile demo/screenshots?
    Is it actively supported and will it have Elgg 1.9 version?


    In Opera the side-scroll bar disappears so a page cannot be scrolled down to see lower contents
    Cannot see "Add widgets" in profile page
    In Blog page side bar showing latest comments disappear

  • I cant see the menu bar with the navigation bars or buttons. Any idea?

  • I just installed, very nice, thank you. I have one problem: On the Group pages, when I click the 'Invite Friends' button, part of the lists of friends is blocked out, it falls off of the right side of the page. I cannot see the entire list for any particular letter. Other than that, it is great.

  • If also find that the scrollbar is missing in Chrome.

  • I get errors in the version of elgg 1.10, already exists updating to 1:10?

  • Any way this will ever be updated to work with Elgg 2.2?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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