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  • so this is the example plugin? so any examples of what we could do to make this a live plugin like for instance we can add java script in there etc, how about copying a wordpress plugin and making it into a elgg plugin?

  • there is not much help for newbies to make plugins we need a example plugin with lots of details, a plugin to make plugins i know this is asking a lot but someone 1 day will do this when they have time or the owner of elgg, i want to make plugins so bad! all i can do is edit them right now

  • The more features an example plugin would contain the more complex it would get. At some point there surely wouldn't be any difference between such an example plugin and any other regular plugin anymore. Most likely the example plugin would be even more complex than some small regular plugins. What would be the sense of an example plugin then?

    To some extend any plugin can be seen as an example plugin. They are all open source and you can study the code. Starting with editing an existing plugin is not the worst way of starting coding on Elgg either. It's learning by doing. The experience will come automatically when you work on existing plugins, changing small things for a start and then go on. I've done the same. Any example plugin will only explain certain things but you most likely will still not get the "big picture" then. But if you keep an eye out on existing plugins that offer some similar feature to the one you want to include in your own plugin then you can disect this plugin to understand how it's implemented and implement it (with the modifications you want) within your own plugin.

    The book about Elgg 1.8 written by Cash should also give you another starting point on developing for Elgg if the docs at http://docs.elgg.org/ are not enough. The book is an investment but not everything can be free. After all the developers need to earn some money for a living, too.

  • sorry missed your post here iionly would be nice for a notification where we can subscribe to posts : )

    thanks for the information really appreciate you trying to help me, i got the book ; ) will have to read into it further someone else should write another book on elgg all about coding and elgg code, i better start learning php etc html i know some already but not much i can reverse engineer most code as all you do is add and delete stuff i guess that is helping me lear i will keep doing that, again thanks for the info if you have any more tips please post or inbox me i would really appreciate it though you may feel you have covered the main aspects of learning to make plugins,



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