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example plugin for people like me who want to make plugins for elgg

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I have made this from a tutorial here http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Tutorials/HelloWorld

i may have made it wrong let me know please, i am finding it hard to understand how to make plugins for elgg and need lots of basic advice tips and help so i can release some cool plugins and other people like me who have not got a clue.

I can edit php html java all code and edit plugins and themes but i can not make my own yet and need some help and very basic help too. I hope i made this correct or maybe not? please upload more exapmple plugins with insttructions too to help people like me make plugins and make elgg have even more plugins! : )

Please be critical with replys and dont be shy to point out erros mistakes and my blatent misunderstanding of making a plugin


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