css emoticons v0.1

  • hey by ura soul great plugin can you copy and paste the emotions codes pelase : )  

    eg: :) ;-)  ")  etc 

  • this is just for messaging not status updates etc?

  • i updated the description to include the codes.

    you can change where the images appear by changing the css selectors in the source-code - see the plugin description above.

  • ah nice, oh i see sounds difficlut lol were is the elgg-output areas file  located? could you tell us how to make it so these emoptions can be used on status updates and messages, please be very basic as i am lost right now and have no clue what to do lol

  • the file that needs to be edited is:

    there is one jquery command in there which sets the areas that are to be emoticon-ised. if you change it to match the code below then you will get the emoticons in the river feed too.. this code should also work for other areas too but on my site presently it does not.. as yet i do not know why.

                $('.elgg-output, p, .elgg-river-message, .elgg-comment-text, .elgg-subtext, .elgg-input-plaintext').emoticonize({
                    //delay: 800,
                    //animate: false,
                    //exclude: 'pre, code, .no-emoticons'

  • oh nice so just add the code you just posted to that file and job done? : )

  • add the code above u last posted to the bottom of views/default/js/emoticons_css/emote.php file? or replace all code in the  views/default/js/emoticons_css/emote.php file with the code you just posted above? thanks : )

  • find the part of that emote.php file that matches the code i posted and replace it with the code i posted.

    the only way to prevent being trapped in the loop of dependency on others is to learn and do for self. :)

    the code is a javascript 'jquery' function that initiates the emoticonization of pages. it contains the css style classes that the webserver uses to identify which areas to transform. css style classes begins with a full-stop.. so .elgg-output. some relate to html tags, like p - which is for paragraphs.

  • doesnt work for me tried it copied your code over the previous one i noticed a user had a love emotions on there profile but nothing for posts etc any more tips please ura soul 

  • only the areas listed in the code you pasted will be emoticonized.

    so you need to look at the css class type of the page areas in the html of the pages that you are looking at to see if the text areas you wish to be emoticonized match the css class types that are in the pasted code.

    e.g. most text areas in elgg that are inputted by users of the site are encapsulated by html that has a class type of 'elgg-output' and these areas should have emoticons.

    if they do not then the most i can really do right now is upload a new version of the plugin that has the code change in it that i already gave you, to bypass any copy/paste errors you may be making when editing at your end. beyond that, i am not able to do much to assist you.

  • well i tried lol please if you could update te plugin and i will try again, sorry i am not to coding savy its not something you can learn in short amount of time ^_^, inbox me please or i should see when you reply and let me know if you have updated the plugin : ) thank you

  • you can add me as a friend here and you can then receive notifications by email when i update plugins.

    i will most likely upload a new version in an hour or so.

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