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converts common emoticon characters into css styled smiley faces 8D

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a simple 4K script that recognises emoticon characters such as :) ;) 8D etc.

css is applied to create faces.

you can see an example from the original coder here:


you can choose where the smileys will be detected and where they will not by using jquery selectors - you can locate the correct place to change the selectors by searching for .elgg-output in the sourcecode since that is the default selector in this plugin. .elgg-output areas  include user inputted text areas and inbox messaging.

emoticon codes are:

:-) :-) :) :o) :c) :^) :-D :-( :-9 ;-) :-P :-p :-Þ :-b :-O :-/ :-X :-# :'( B-) 8-) :-\ ;*( :-* :] :> =] =) 8) :} :D 8D XD xD =D :( :< :[ :{ =( ;) ;] ;D :P :p =P =p :b :O 8O :/ =/ :S :# :X B) O:)

:) >;) >:( O_o O_O o_o 0_o T_T ^_^ ?-)

if you in-joy this, donations are appreciated. this plugin was created for the infinite eureka community.


ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg


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