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Changed the search box and a few other things removed some things too

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this is version 2.0 i have uploaded 1.0 aswell 1 is better than the other maybe 2.0 let me know and i will delete the one people do not like, make sure you disable any other plugin add on theme before you activiate this one, i am not using this theme but i edited it spent a few hours going through the code and changed some of the menu links to go to eg: site/blog  instead of site/owner/profile/blog or friends/blog etc  , and a lot of edits to make it better still a few bugs maybe someone will fix it, i am to busy now so can not do anything at the moment, but will try if again if a few people  ask me, enjoy : )

try editing yourself just remove stuff you do not want see what happens, play with the start.php file


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