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This is a Super JukeBox that can plays any audio you want (from Elgg or anywhere)

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[ I need your comments to know if this plugin is working for you. ]

This is a Super JukeBox that can plays any audio you want (from Elgg or anywhere). There are 7 choices :

- 1/ your audios uploaded in elgg

- 2/ your friend's audios uploaded in elgg

- 3/ all the audios uploaded in elgg

- 4/ an RSS2 feed or atom like podcast

- 5/ a m3u playlist

- 6/ your own playlist (5 audios maxi)

- 7/ your own playlist : 6 audios or more (we ask user to learn to create a m3u playlist ;op )


The original widget is "simplepie" from Cash Costello. I custom it to transform it in a Super JukeBox Widget using RSS2 feed, m3u playlist and manuscrit playlist. To resume : you can have any audios you want to play in with this widget.


I still name it SuperJukeTest because there still is a little bug : if a user install several SuperJukeTest widgets in his profile, he has to put the one he wants to modify on the top of all the others.

I really hope someone can help me to fix it (and i really think about you Matt Beckett, i'm gonna MP you about this indeed ;o) ).

So anyone wants to help : be welcome !


French girl who just want to have fun (and put my fingers in code sometimes).


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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