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    Header height: The Google Fonts plugin should come at, or very near, to the bottom of your plugins list, and after any theme you might be using.  You need to be aware that your theme may set a header height - but so does the Google Fonts plugin.  You may need to change the header height in the Google Plugin to match your theme.

    Font size: I included the ability to change font size and header size in this plugin because each font is different, and it's useful to be able to make small changes in size and space so that the page still looks good.  Big changes in font size isn't what was intended here, and making big changes will probably break your theme.  


  • I may have found a problem ... when I was browsing thru the Google Fonts trying to find just the right one for my website, I noticed that the plugin doesn't recognize fonts with split names, such as "Sue Ellen Francisco", or "Eagle Lake". The plugin seems to only recognize fonts with single word names, such as "Syncopate", or "Tauri". Basically, if there is an empty space in the font name it seems to not recognize it, rather falling-back to the CSS Default for the theme in question. On my particular theme, I have removed all the default css font setting as to not interfere with this plugin.

    Any suggestions of fixes?


  • you may not be aware that some security software currently blocks google servers by default for various reasons and so downloading these fonts and hosting them on your own server is possibly a wiser choice.

    this also ensures your site won't break if fonts are removed or changed by google at some point.
    the extra bonus is that google won't have a direct way to track your website traffic, which they do if you use their fonts.

  • (use their fonts hosted on their servers.. i intended to say)

  • @ura soul

    If the fonts aren't downloaded from Google (for whatever reason) then there are fallback fonts specified in the css.  Not ideal - but it doesn't break the site.

    I don't think that serving the fonts locally is a wiser choice - just a different choice - I think that there are advantages to using a webfont service. (Not necessarily Google, but of course Google's webfont service is free).


  • you could use the locally hosted google fonts as a fallback to the google hosted ones if you are  not concerned about google monitoring your site traffic. that way you would have the best of both 'worlds'.

    using different fallback fonts may introduce small deviations in spacing of layouts which may possibly break some elements, depending on how they page structure is layed out.. so duplicating the exact font is advisable and easy to do anyway.. its just a file download from google and upload to your server.


    @B.A Umberger

    Hello.  Thank you for your comment, it does look like you've found a problem.  Fonts with split names should be written like this:  Sue+Ellen+Francisco, Eagle+Lake   I know how to fix it and I'm going to work on it now.

    btw... You shouldn't need to remove any of your theme css font settings, just put Google Fonts after your theme in the plugin order - and make sure the header setting of Google Themes doesn't mess with the header size of your theme. 

  • has anyones header image gone smaller after using this plugin? maybe another plugin i am using

  • i moved thew theme to the bottom fixed lol 

  • @UK   see above... "You need to be aware that your theme may set a header height - but so does the Google Fonts plugin.  You may need to change the header height in the Google Plugin to match your theme."

    I'm changing the header height issue in the new version - working on it right now.

  • all sorted : ) just moved my theme to the bottom and made changes though i am sure all you need to do is put the theme at the bottom, thank you its not a big issue but would help others if you want to add it on to this plugin if you feel it is needed as i changed the settings before i moved to the bottom so may not be as simple as putting the theme below this plugin

  • @B.A Umberger

    I've uploaded a new version of the plugin - please download and let me know if it works OK for you now. 



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