Suggested Friends Extended v1.8.1.2

Release Notes:

Again some more code improvements (mainly in widget), thanks to community members

  • ura soul

    thanks for the update.

    i have created a sidebar widget for the activity page and so far it is ok for me.. i will continue testing.

  • ura soul

    obvious enhancement ideas are:

    • add 'X' buttons next to each suggestion so that they can be removed (without page refresh) and possibly replaced by another suggestion (as twitter does).
    • add 'like' matching, so that friends are suggested based on shared likes.
  • S.Brady.Hussain

    how do you add gender and age to a profile ? do you use profile manager?

  • ura soul

    ura welcome ;)

    yes, profile_manager is the easiest way to add new profile fields.

  • Gerard

    Tried it again, since it is a very nice thought. I have an error while trying to geolocate existing users

    Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare
    suggested_friends_extended_sorter() (previously declared in mod/suggested_friends_extended/lib/functions.php:12)

  • nikos

    @UK: yes, Iuse the profile manager plugin. Use can use the file custom_profile_fields.backup.json.txt for importing the fields used in this plugin in case you need all functionality

  • nikos

    @Gerard Kanters: strange error. Geolocation process doesn't use this function suggested_friends_extended_sorter(). And it is declared just once...

  • Gerard

    I saw it is only declared once and do agree it is strange, but nevertheless it does give the error. It is also not declared anywhere else in any other plugin. But if you don't know it by head, i'll have a closer look.

  • ura soul

    possibly the entire plugin is being triggered twice somehow?

  • Wogker

    Was a great professional work from Nlybe, the plugin runs on my site perfect!

    In the future, I hope to filter in admin options (yes or not) the common friends and groups.

    Also, it's a wonderfull Ura Soul idea, works about the user "likes".


  • ura soul

    the 'like matching' idea has a lot of room for play. ;)
    you could provide a slider for users to identify others on the site who are thinking 'like them' and are not thinking 'like them'...
    you could even use a visual tool like the tag_cumulus (or photo_cumulus) to present a visual 'friend map' that shows similar people as being bigger then dis-similar people... lots of potential that hasn't been tapped into yet!

  • nikos

    Many nice ideas.... I will do my best for next releases.

    P.S. It was my pleasure to work for Wokger, he knows exactly he wants :)

  • buule

    hi nlybe,I want to change sex suggested friends to university a user went to,any help is welcome.Thank you

  • nikos

    @buule: the easy way is to keep the same name of field at profile manager and change all related messages at language file.

    If not possible to keep same field name, then you have to make related changes at files lib/functions.php and views/default/suggested_friends_extended/people.php. 

  • buule

    ok thank you. AM going to try that

  • wellkunnected

    Hey Guys,

    I have the language file for this download open in my file manager and am looking for what I need to change in order for this plugin to work on my network. Can anyone help me out, I'd like to use this feature and modify it for my profile types and connect users with other members based on criterion set in the plugin. I appreciate you guys support, hope everyone is having a creative day!

  • nikos

    @wellkunnected: I am not sure what is your question. You can change whatever on language file to fits your needs.

  • buule

    @nlybe have been away for a while but I didn't get what you told me to do. If I change the language in the suggested friends plugin, then what about the profile manager, will it be able to cope with the change,nice plugin though

  • disha

    Is this still in active developement? Will there be an Elgg 1.9 version now please?

    How to

    have "add friend" link besides each suggested name after add. add more,

    haoe to have "suggested friends" link in sidebar of the page friends/abc/ [ Freinds, Fr Collection, Invite etc]


  • disha

    Is the following still an issue?

    This plugin is definitely not scalable: It gets all users who are not friends and iterates through them all.  It'll cause memory errors on just about any server with more than just a handful of users.

  • nikos

    @disha: Yes, it is still in active development and it's on my plans to have an 1.9 version when profile manager plugin (which is required) will be available for 1.9.

    About your suggestions, I will include them in next release

    About memory issue the answer is not, it has been fixed already. Also you can set the GENERAL_NON_FRIENDS_LIMIT in start.php in case you have big number of users


  • disha

    Thanks Nylbe.

    Please also consider ura soul's "obvious enhancement ideas" above


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