Suggested Friends Extended v1.8.1.1

Release Notes

Some small bug fixes

  • is this plugin ok no bugs etc? using will wait for a experienced user to comment and give feed back got it on my elgg site  ready to activiate as soon as i see some feedback here, thanks for updating this plugin :)

  • i don't have a busy site to test this on..

    what i did see is that:

    1. the list of users shown via the widget is not formatted with the elgg standard, so the appearance is different to the other profile widgets on my site (the other widgets use an .elgg-list element to show the users) - minor point as this can be corrected via css is the theme.
    2. when i change the number of users to show in the widget, the results are inconsistent. most of the tests i did, resulted with an incorrect number of users being shown. e.g. i chose 1 person to be shown and 2 were shown.. i chose 4 to be shown and zero were shown. i chose 8 to be shown and 4 were shown. i did not detect a pattern to this other than that the amounts were incorrect.

    i am having issues with profile_manager here also, so possibly that may be effecting this plugin too.

  • thank you for the feedback most appreciated : )


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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