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add to mods folder activiate flush caches upgrade and enjoy mp4's , i will be updating this plugin and other video plugins too as i need 1 for a site i am building.. 

  • what did you do to create this plugin?
    i downloaded the updated jwplayer and looked at the structure of it and saw it was totally different to the version that was used in the previous version of veeplayer and so decided i would not be able to just replace the old version with the new version and have the elgg plugin function correctly.

    did you change any code in the elgg plugin other than the jwplayer folder?

  • i went to the jwplayer site downloaded there latest version and copied the files i could see that were larger by a tiny bit the player section both script files replaced them with newer ones thats it lol i havnt got a clue about plugins but i knew replacing them with newer files would help some how though i dont really see any improvment, what i have been doing for 6 hours is adding files from all the video payers to veeplayer folder to see if it will get certain files to play with no joy and some errors i have no clue what i am doing to be honest but thus plugin is updated with the newest scripts from jwplayer though i am sure it could be much more improved by someone who knows what they are doing

  • i also added jwplayer files and the other one flowplayer and the plugin worked though i have not uploaded as it still is the same to be honest i have used all elggs video plugins and made them into 1 plugin though the effect is no dofferent but works, it is still the same just updated though as before i see no changes..

  • ah ok.. ;)
    copying individual files in that way is likely to cause more problems than is solved because the contents of the files may have changed so much that the new version bares little resemblance to the old version and thus cannot interact with the other files in the intended way.

    the only way to know what you are doing is to open the files and read and comprehend the source code.

  • i see well i am trying lol it works ^_^ i tried

  • ;)

    replacing the entire folder of the old code with the new code is the necessary first step..
    step 2 would then be to look at the rest of the code that is in the veeplay elgg plugin and patch/change that code so that the elgg plugin makes use of all of the new jwplayer features.

    i don't know how much coding is needed to do that presently.

  • i see i have no clue about coding i just replaced the 2 script files that were exactly the same as jwplayer and no issues so it is updated but not in a coding sense well i think would love someone to update this fully : ) maybe you ura soul ^_^ ?

  • updating this plugin is on my list of tasks to do if no-one else does it first..

    i do not have any plan of when to do it.. i have a lot of other tasks with higher priority than this presently. i could possibly do it in the next 4 weeks.

  • i understand : ) that sounds good to me! ^_^ thanks for replying much appreciated as always 

  • i have been told by rj a active contributor here that it is because i am making a site offline that is why i have problems so it may not be a issue online just offline due to xampp 

  • just tested i can confirm veeplay only plays mp4 files tested flv and 3gp did not work though avi may work have not tested yet. ''tested on 2  different online servers''

  • veeplay works fine on xampp

    The type of video is limited (or was, last time I tested).

  • this is with reference to the updated version of jwplayer that veeplay uses (as far as i know)

  • mp4 is all i can play at this time i do not not know how to make plugins just edit them at best, need a good tutorial and i will start making plugins, also i was looking for a plugin to make plugins it maybe skeleton or somthing like that can not find the actual plugin anywere i had it a few months ago lost it lol, though i am no coder or programmer so making plugins right now maybe be way out of my league etc

  • could anyone let me know if this is working better than the origanal v play? and if they can play any other file besides mp4?

  • I can not upload and download files to mp3-mp4 file from the page but not reproduce, only a black screen comes out why? I put this plugin not only the previous one, can you tell me how to do? Thank you!



  • can you explain a bit better please? it works with mp3 though some mp3's do not work currently elgg has no plugins that are good for playing videos i am very sorry it affects me deeply as now i am using a hosting videos service instead of using a simple plugin from elgg its crazy lol, try downloading the original vplay if it still does not work then i do not know, but 1st try flushing the caches and upgrading and try a different mp4 file or mp3

  • this plugin will not be updated though you are free to update it yourself, i have contacted a few compnays like vlc media player asking for a elgg video plugin if there is any news i will add to elgg : )


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