Follow Tags v1.6

Release Notes

  • workaround for mandatory tag-fields (incompatible with profile-manager validation-script; thanx gerard)
  • minor corrections of the language files
  • Hi Pasley,

    I really appreciate your plugin.

    Would it be possible to put, by default, the user's location tags ?



  • @cvoeil
    My team debated long on this point: Are default tags a benefit for the user? We found out, that it is confusing for the user if he receives notifications about content, which he has not consciously chosen. We want to give the user maximum freedom with this plugin. The step to choose "my" tags "I" want to follow is very important for the user experience.

    It is not currently planned - but we disuss also about a list of suggested tags which can be easyly added into the follow-tag-field. Maybe the profile-tags can be a part of the suggested tags.

  •  @Paisley,

    Interesting debate indeed,



  • Great plugin, I found another bug. Case sensitive plugin settings does not seem to work. If set to no or yes, it is always case sensitive

  • This plugin works great for me, except that toggling the setting to allow users to follow tags resulted in a major fatal error. In general, when the user added a tag to follow, their account was modified to access_id = ACCESS_LOGGED_IN. This means that the user could not be seen by anyone not logged in. Therefore anywhere the user had content - groups/files/blogs/etc created with that account, the site was throwing fatal errors when viewed by a not logged in visitor as the information was not retrievable from the database. Also, all of the users relationships were lost (e.g., groups, friends).


    For more information, see the issue described on GitHub:


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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