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  • Hi, your plugin looks fantastic and is exactly what I want! However, it is very strange because there are no settings on my plugin dashboard when I activated it. I can't access admin-settings and I'm dying to use the awesome features of autocomplete. As a user, I can't follow tags as well. I'm using 1.8. Please help me! Thanks so much!


  • i tested with 1.8.16 elgg.

    the plugin activated ok and i can see and edit the admin panel settings.. however i do not see any effects in the live site.. no changes have occured as far as i have seen so far.

  • @jusitce,@ura soul Thank you for your hints. Maybe this can help: The Plugin-Folder ist from our GIT-Repository and named "follow_tags-master". Please delete "-master" and update the system. In the next release we correct this. Further, there are still conflicts with default tags and a clean elgg installation - we are working on it!


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