[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Rename The Wire] v1.8.0

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  • Initial release for Elgg 1.8.16.
  • hello again it workls : ) the only thing i would like to change now is the name of the menu item on the left when logged in,*The Wire , though this may not be possible, PLUGIN WORKS PERFECT !

  • This "menu on the left" is not created by the core Elgg framework or the wire plugin itself but by a 3rd party plugin (most likely the theme you have installed or for example the RiverAddon plugin). You would need to find out which of your plugins creates this menu including the wire menu item within this menu. Within the language file of this "plugin_x" (i.e. the file mod/plugin_x/languages/en.php) the label of the menu item should be defined. If you add this line from the language file to the language file of the rename_wire plugin and adjust the text to your liking, you will see the text you entered as label of the menu item.

  • oh i see ok thank you for the info : )

  • @UK if it translatable text, you can look it also up in the translation_editor plugin

  • this work perfect on the easy theme no need to change anythign it says posts and that is what people want thanks again : )

  • this also works perfect on the  ''cool theme''

  • Not working for me for some reason, I edited everything in the en.php file but still no results. I've moved the plugin under the wire severa times but nothing yet. I'm using the Kestrel theme. Any suggestions?

  • @wellkunnected: does only the changes you made are not displayed or are already the changes in the Rename the Wire plugin as compared to the original Wire plugin text output not shown on your site?

    If only the changes you made on your own are not displayed you might need to flush the Elgg site cache or disable/re-enable the Rename the Wire plugin for the changes to take effect.

    If already the different Wire branding (i.e. "Posts" instead of "Wire") as implemented in the Rename the Wire plugin language file are not shown on your site, there might be another plugin installed that overrides the changes that the Rename the Wire plugin is intended to override from the original Wire plugin language file. In this case try placing the Rename the Wire plugin at the bottom of your plugin list to see if the text output of the Wire will change then.

  • Emmanuel Simond

    Hi everybody in there

    Thanks for that plugin!!!!   I had to have 3 different translations pack depending on how one's want to translate "The Wire"

    Now, i have only 2 different translations packs left

    depending on how one's want to translate "Contact"/"Friend"

    but it's gonna be a breeze to duplicate/rename this plugin to achive it for "Contact"

    What's better, Another plugin or a merge of the two?

  • @eManwEbdEv: You could also include more than a single language file (even for the same language) within a single plugin. So, it's not necessary to put all translations together in one file, if you want only a single plugin in the end. Take a look at my German translation pack plugin where I bundled all language files for Elgg core in one plugin to see how it can be done.

  • Hello, 

    This is a wonderful plugin!  It seems to be working good. The only issue im having is that the url still says /thewire/..  i have played with and changed everything to the right of the => in the language file with no luck.  I have even disabled the theme i am using and got the same results the same results.  i decided to try the same thing within the wire plugin language file still no luck.  Any suggestions?  Thanks. 

  • The "thewire" part in the url can't be changed by the language file. This part of the url is the pagehandler defined in the Wire plugin. Changing would only be possible by modifying the code / unregistering the original pagehandler and registering your own custom pagehandler. This is not as easy to achieve as changing the wording on the pages only. Also, other plugins (e.g. theme plugin, plugins that extend the wire functionality) might depend on the pagehandler being "thewire". So, it might not be the best thing to do to change the pagehandler to something else if you do want to modify the code as required.

  • This makes sense. Many thanks...

  • What this plugin does?

    Is it possible to post and write message from the main activity page instead of going to the Wire page?

    Why users can only post messages in the wire and see in the activity?

    Can we do it like facebook in the same activity page users can post messages???

  • This plugin does what's said in the description and nothing else: Modify the branding of The Wire plugin by adjusting the wording in the language file of the "Rename The Wire plugin".

    It shows how to proceed if you want to change the wording of the text output of a plugin without changing the language file of this plugin directly but override the language strings instead. Changing the branding of the Wire plugin is just an example. You can collect all your customized text output for other plugins in the language file of this plugin.


  • Category: Language packs
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-12-11
  • Downloads: 2750
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