User Support v3.1

Release Notes

3.1 (2018-03-22):

  • added: plugin settings to enable/disable group FAQ
  • fixed: combined check for FAQ and Help in FAB
  • fixed: prevent unneeded staff check in widget registration

3.0.1 (2018-03-08):

  • changed: faq listings now all are sorted by likes

3.0 (2018-02-12):

  • added: view more link from helpcenter faq listing
  • changed: clarified URL on ticket info
  • changed: dropped unneeded title/description prefix in FAQ detail view
  • changed: FAQ sidebar filter title
  • changed: listing of FAQs in helpcenter are sorted by likes
  • changed: no longer use ACCESS_PRIVATE for Support tickets
  • changed: set custom placeholder on helpcenter search input
  • changed: support ticket tabs ordered by priority
  • fixed: help URL not set on ticket form

3.0.0-beta.2 (2018-01-11):

  • added: support tickets are now searchable
  • fixed: FAQ container permissions
  • fixed: no comments on contextual help
  • fixed: no notifications about tickets due to advanced_notifications
  • fixed: unable to create help on index

3.0.0-beta.1 (2017-12-14):

  • changed: increased Elgg version requirement to 2.3
  • changed: using fontawesome instead of images for icons

Jerome Bakker

Developer @ ColdTrick IT Solutions


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  • Updated: 2023-12-7
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