Elgg Hammer v1.8.15c

Release Notes


+  if the Elgg user is already logged in...No need to count hammer rates towards the Elgg users..this is designed with the site performance in mind :)        

+ Added a link to the sign in or login page on elgg hammer page just like GitHub (Google) Hit Limit page

  • New version for elgg Hammer is up for grab.

  • thanks installing now i have so much anti spam stuff lol this will make it even better 

  • the elgg logo will not be displayed will it? i noticed a picture on this post saying elgg hammer?

  • so i do not need to change any settings etc and this will only show for spammers etc? a very good plugin and so easy to use thank you am gonna check what other plugins you have made now! ^_^

  • is there suppose to be a setting tab for it cause its not coming up for me if there is..?

  • @ UK, There are several free Elgg anti spam Plugins. However, Elgg hammer protects your site from outside so that your genuine users who are logged in can have humble time to use Elgg based sites. Elgg hammer does not change or affect anything on your site. In addition, there is no Elgg hammer picture that will be displayed on the Elgg hammer Plugin hammer ban page... have fun... lol

  • nice thanks a v v v good plugin cant believe i did not use it sooner! : )

  • @ LT, Elgg Hammer does not have setting tab for the moment and that is why it is not coming up for now. Just activate it and let it do it magic. In the future versions, Elgg hammer will have setting tab for admins.

  • @UK , You are welcome.  Elgg hammer is just like a free police or cope who keeps eye twenty four hours seven days a week on the bad guys... Recommending Elgg hammer for others will make it easier for others to find it here and start using it sooner for their sites…

  • no settings and options is good i do not have to worry about anything its all done this is a very good plugin i hope to see more plugins like this : )

  • @ UK, you are welcome, we will continue to serve human needs and solve problems that the users face each and every day they use online services...

  • Hi Tom, Nice plugin,recommended! One issue.. how to customize this message "Note:if you believe this is in error, please mail the webmaster about it!
    <bugs at my domain dot com>" thank you!

  • Find this file path, open it and edit the following line..


    1. Go to around line 267 to 276 and make changes

    $anti_hammer['webmaster'] = 'the webmaster';

        2. Then go to around line 297 to 306 and change:

    $anti_hammer['error_mail'] = 'bugs at mydomain dot com';


    The next versions or releases will have more settings


  • @ LT, you are welcome. I Just got frozen elgg hammer from my freezer and thawed it, dried it by patting the Elgg Hammer dry with a clean towel and eliminate excess bugs and moisture. Next, I have just put it on the baking oven. My grilling box is outside and is not accessible because it is raining outside. I could have preferred to grill, or sauté Elgg Hammer but that is for next meal.  I have to use the thermometer to make sure that Elgg Hammer reaches the appropriate temperature before serving it. Elgg Hammer should reach the temperature of 165 trillions ºF (74 trillions ºC) hits or hammers rates.

    When I am done, I will defrost (compress Elgg hammer in a zip folder) tasty Elgg Hammer recipes (files) so that the elgg community members can download tasty and spicy elgg hammer. Once downloaded, Elgg Hammer will be defrosted or thawed (uncompressed) and then became edible again:

    To cut long story short, the next Elgg hammer release will be available for download in a couple of hours from now… Elgg hammer is just nice and it keeps getting better and tougher… See you when you see me...


Call me the Guy who CLEANS ELGG FROM OUTSIDE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) I am Elgg enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Thinker. Just A Developer and loves the Web

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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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