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Fixed -  Log File: Now Elgg Hammer can  log each banned hit, for site administrator reference purposes.                  

NOTE: It is recommend you watch Elgg Hammer log file very carefully for the first  few minutes/ days after installation and in case of any concern, please do e-mail me about it!

  • Elgg-Hammer! There are more Elgg hammer function designs to come! If you like it, Recommend it and download it now!

  • Even better! What happened to your advertising plugin product?

  • @ inca , There is an updated version for Elgg advertising plugin, Elgg Ads, Elgg Adverts "Elggex" which has robust features. To be honest much thought and effort went into developing the Elgg Ads plugin "Elggex for Elgg 1.8 and 1.9" - I'm still in the valley of decisions whether or not to release it as some kind of donation based plugin, because it's just sooooo good!

  • Hi Tom,

    where is this available?  Just installed openx myself.  Thanks!

  • @ Minds , when it comes to the latest version of OpenX API – there is almost very little information on the OpenX site or web or if there is any information out there, the codes or documentations are outdated. In addition, there are both positive and negative experiences from OpenX users out there about OpenX API. However, I believe OpenX platform should work well with Elgg sites. That is why I have tried to make it easier for Elgg Site owners to be able to Use OpenX API and Elgg API to make both Platforms work together without too much trouble …

    I strongly believe that Elgg Sites owners should run their own Ads, Adverts, or Advertisement banners instead of just getting junk banners from major ads or ad-sense banners companies on the planet Earth … The Elggex is not ready for download yet... It work perfect but it is going through testing before I can make it available for download... In short, it is Sooo good just like Facebook Banners Advertisement, management, and delivery systems...

  • i have not installed this plugin.. i read some of the code..

    i noticed that duckduckgo.com is not in the list of exceptions (unless i missed it) and also that the variables in the antihammer.php file are not yet exposed via an administrator page in elgg.. are you intending to include these changes in a future release?

  • @ ura soul , You are right. I know that DuckDuckGo is a search engine that searches information from many websites but I have not taken my time to know how well behaved DuckDuckGo search engine is... Yes, there are several good search engines that are not popular but are well behaved when it comes to respecting robot.txt files installed in most Elgg sites. If there are good search engines out there, then they can be added to Elgg Hammer Exceptions files so that they can search Elgg sites without Elgg hammer shutting them down.

    There are several variable in antihammer.php that have not be exposed via admin. The next release will include some more options to help Elgg Administrators to control their sites even much better.

  • am i right in thinking that you used the ip lists here:

  • Nice initiative ! In my experience bad bots do not take much resource, besides the use of tag search. It is a link and therefore they will hit it and search is a very resource intensive function. I simply revoke access to tag search for bots. Maybe you could make the plugin to respect the robots.txt in a similar way. Track user_agent for everything, not being a browser and block only those links enforced in robots.txt.

  • @ ura soul , The standard Spider IP list is just part of the ip lists and other non-engine search engines. However,  I don’t have much information about DuckDuckGo. But I know that in 2012, DuckDuckGo did crawled my site under the IP range they own but did not declare their useragent and thus on my own view, they did not respecting the robots directives...

    @ Gerard Kanters , Thanks for your suggestion. I will consider making the elgg hammer to respect the robots.txt. You are welcome to contribute or even improve the elgg hammer...

  • i just found this page which notes an update which may have resolved the issue you mention:

  • @ ura soul , Thanks for your comment. You are right, in duckduckgo new version, they fixed the issue. since they have fixed the bug "DuckDuckBot/1.1 - Bug fix: was not respecting robots.txt in some cases",   I will upload the Elgg Hammer on Github and in case you have more suggestions you can merge the code via github so the update may be included in a future release.

  • @ ura soul , now you can access and improve the the elgg hammer on github  https://github.com/Twizanex/gutwahammer

  • The great Elgg Hammer can keep your site enemies or abusers at bay as long as site Admin remembers to close the doors of your site by installing Elgg Hammer. Even Github is using the Elgg Hammer concept. To be Honest, Web site hammers has become a big mess and a big nightmare for site Admins and web hosting companies...

    Elgg Hammer


  • Hi.. After activating this plugin.. some of my tidypic images went blanck.. After i deactivated this plugin i able to see my tidypic images.. I am using github version .. I will try the old version that is her & see ..

  • There is some problem.. I dont know what it is.. My site images go blanck when i activate this plugin ..

  • @ meril , What elgg version are you using, 1.8 or 1.7? If you run upgrade.php on your site the elgg hammer will ban you from running your upgrade.php I will correct that issue in the next  elgg hammer version. can you post all of the plugins that you are using in your site? This will help me to test those plugins on my testing server and fix your issue...

  • @ meril , Thanks.  I have checked my messages. Here is a quick fix for your issue,  go to gutwahammer/start.php file and edit one line as mentioned bellow. Then go to your site Admin page control panel and Flush the caches of your site then activate Elgg hammer "GutwaHammer" and see if you are having the same problem. If the site runs without any problem  let me know.

    Here is the code.... when you see this line in the" Elgg Captcha"  gutwahammer/start.php, add the bold word --- 'photos' do not forget these signs   '  '   anywhere you wish so that 'photos' can look like the rest of other words in the array list

    The lines to look for in the  gutwahammer/start.php  file starts here around line 49 or 51

    // We don't need sef URLs for the following handlers
    $handler_exceptions = array(

    //Add the line  or word photos and do not add this line please... only add photos to the list




    SAVE your changes and test your site and let me know if the problem is still there

  • @ Tom Ya it works thank you :)

  • @ meril, You are welcome. Elgg Hammer new release will be ready in a few minutes from now. Elgg Hammer is cooking and almost ready to be served. Wash your hands and make sure your spoons are on the right side of the table and don't forget the salt and napkins just in case lol -:)...


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