Elgg Hammer v1.8.15

  • I get an error message start.php" is missing.

  • waynaldo ,  while zipping the folder, I added extra folder (gutwahammer) by mistake gutwahammer.zip/gutwahammer/gutwahammer/start.php. I will fix it in my next release... The folder in bold is the one you need in the Mod folder for this plugin to be activated from the admin section...

    Let me know if there is any concern.... otherwise, wish you good luck with sending the bad bots and spiders packing!

  • haven't tried this yet but I like the idea, thanks

  • @ Matt Beckett , thanks for your input... Hope it can be helpful for Elgg website  admins or owners and Elgg based site members...

  • Sounds like a great idea! Not sure if I need it yet, and I'm trying to keep my plugins to a minimum, but I'm definitely bookmarking it in case I do!

  • @ magicland , Thanks for your comment.  I think you need it even if you are trying to keep your plugins to minimal... Think about this for a second... You have only 4  pluings e.g groups, discussion, blog, photos and a robot or spam company is hammering or refreshing your pages 5 times evey single second either trying to register fake account or just scanning your site... and then other bots are also doing the same to blog, photos, and even register section.... and google is also scanning your whole site at the same time.... and last but not least... at the same time, some one is using brute-force attack, or exhaustive key search to hack your site from somewhere on the planet

    You might have 4 plugins  but with all of the above activities on your site going on at the same time or even in diffrent times of the day might slow down your site to a snail speed or state or slow the site speed to a Giant tortoise average speed --- than an elgg based site which is running over 400 plugins... 

    What this plugin does is just keep this bad guys at distance and let genuine clients or users enjoy your site services without worring of slow site performance.


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