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fixed: lazy_hover menu not working if logged out in walled garden mode

  • Lazy hover is good but facing some problem with friends request.. When i give friend request with lazy hover plugin activated the friend collector popup does not works instead the popup opens completely as a page & does not functions at all..

  • If you use user hover links with class elgg-lightbox, then lightbox fails to load.


    in mod/lazy_hover/views/default/js/lazy_hover/site.js do like this:

    elgg.get(action, {
        data: data,
            success: function(data) {
                if (data) {
                    // replace all existing placeholders with new menu
                   // make sure links with elgg-lightbox works
                   $("ul.elgg-menu-hover li a.elgg-lightbox").fancybox();

                   // restart click events

  • @Jeroen, when logged out. No hover menu is available. I tried the fix of Slyhne, but that makes it worse. Then no user hover menu available at all.

  • @gerard do you see the triangle icon? Do you get javascript errors if you click on it?

  • Yes, I see a triangle. It seems to have a conflict with the google map plugin I made. I show members on the map  Maybe it is my mistake, somewhere in the code. Since you are the better programmer, maybe you could take a look at the link above. I do not see any java errors 

  • @gerard dumb question, does the dropdown show with lazyhover disabled?

  • Yes. When lazyhover is disabled the dropdown works fine and you see a larger picture from the user and a link to its profile.

  • @gerard i see lazy hover working on other pages of your site, but not on the members page, so there must be a conflict with the members map view plugin i guess, because i do not see the ajax call to get the menu to be fired. I can't troubleshoot any more from here.

  • I understand. Thanks ! Funny thing is that the members map is the same plugin I use to view the map in profiles. There the user hover works fine with lazy hover. Anyway, I recommended the plugin.

  • I installed it and activated it.

    But I don't know what this plugin does? Where I can see it in action? Please someone explain to me :)

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