Release Notes

Initial release

  • As this is the first release, please let me know if you experience the same performance gains as i see. Also let me know if this plugin conflicts or has any other unexpected behaviour.

  • Easy testing page is or any other page with many user avatar icons

  • yes, definitely a speed increase on activity and members pages..

  • my activity page has many profile images on it now as i have enabled various widgets that show profile images.. i also used the url: activity?limit=100

    without this plugin active the full page load is greater than 20 seconds! (although visually the page is rendered sooner.

    with the plugin active the page load is between 9 and 20 seconds to total completion..
    (i think the php caching is disabled after i upgraded to php 5.5 & varnish is not on either).

    i was only doing this by eye, so the figures are rough. and the server clearly is not optimised presently. (the activity page is always the slowest on my site as i have river_addon running).

  • Some data:

    On a already optimized system on a content heavy dashboard with multiple widgets and a total of 74 user hover menu's (including admin actions), server runtime (php + database) went from 2.0 seconds to 1.2 (40% reduction). Also download size of the page went from 31kb to 24.5kb (20% reduction).

    So we saved over 5kb of (most of the time) unused HTML. That should also speed up DOM processing (CSS and JS) a bit (depends on client hardware and browser).

  • The 5k is gzip compressed html to be clear...

  • thank you very much for this plugin.. this works great.. my loading time reduced to 10 sec from 18 sec..

    but there is problem. In walled garden site.. in logged out condition i am getting this message.. if u try to load the menu, please help to solve this issue

    • {"output":false,"status":-1,"system_messages":{"error":["You must be logged in to view that page."],"success":[]}}


Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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