Addthis-Share with Smart Layers

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Implementing Addthis social share buttons and Smart Layers on your Elgg website

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This Plugin uses AddThis sharing tools to implement third-party buttons like Google+1, Tweet and Facebook Like. AddThis is the global leader for sharing and social insights.


  • Complete share buttons (more than 300 bookmark and share buttons available)
  • 3 styles of button groups to choose
  • Adjust to display left aligned or right aligned
  • Updated Addthis-share API version
  • Smart Layers integration (Follow, Share and what's next)

In order to link the follow buttons to your social profiles just open the file below:


Then in the following code replace [REPLACE WITH YOUR ID] with you profile account id:

{'service': 'facebook', 'id': '[REPLACE WITH YOUR ID]'}, {'service': 'twitter', 'id': '[REPLACE WITH YOUR ID]'}, {'service': 'youtube', 'id': '[REPLACE WITH YOUR ID]'}, {'service': 'instagram', 'id': '[REPLACE WITH YOUR ID]'}

Note that you can add or remove any service you want.

This is my first contribution i have lot more to come RECOMMEND if you like!

Cyril Sabbagh

Developer and creator of MAWSOOL


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