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MP3 Jukebox Friends is playing files uploaded by friends of the user.

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MP3 Jukebox Friends is playing the mp3s uploaded in files by friends of the User for elgg 1.8. You can find the widget in profile and dashboard.

It only plays MP3s.

I created 2 other Jukebox :

- MP3 Jukebox User : plays the mp3s uploaded in files by the user only. (for profile + dashboard)

- MP3 Jukebox all : plays the mp3s uploaded in files by all the users. (for profile + dashboard + groups + index)


This is a modified working version of :

- Aaudio mp3 Audio player widget by Astharoth

- mp3player widget by Jaxcatz

Plugin installation

Unzip folder

Copy and upload to your mod folder

Activate the plugin in tool administration


Playing music

Edit and Enable MP3 Jukebox in your profile or dashboard if "MP3 Jukebox User" or "MP3 Jukebox Friends".

Edit and Enable MP3 Jukebox ... in your profile, dashboard, groups or index if "MP3 Jukebox All"


Upload MP3's to your files, !!!! ONLY MP3 FILES WILL WORK !!!!

It will search for any MP3's uploaded and create playlist automatically..

I have tested onserver with Elgg ver.1.8.16 only and Chrome and Firefox browsers only.

Works with flash player support so It needs flash installed on your browser.

For more flash players and customizing the flash player, see


French girl who just want to have fun (and put my fingers in code sometimes).


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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