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An update to the My Ultimate Cool Theme by Staszek

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Tested on : 1.8.16

This theme has a lot of fixes to the version 2.1.1

Fixes:View all comments fixed. Thanks Ve

Like button now showing in groups and on the dashboard. Thanks ve

Delete button added to dashboard, groups, messageboard, blog. Thanks Deny

Topbar Login disabled.

Icons now show in side bar.

Profile Avatar fits with in sidebar.

Register and Forgot Password position fix for Firefox. Thanks Ve


The orignal author of this theme is Staszek. I have worked through all the errors on 2.1.1 and updated the code, if there are still bugs please post them in the comments and we will work on a fix.


  • Category: Themes
  • License: Expat (MIT) License
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 6599
  • Recommendations: 7

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