Social Login v1.14

Release Notes

New functionality:

- Provide a page where the user will be forwarded after logging in

- Sent a message on behalf of a new user to facebook and LinkedIN that they joined your site. 

Both are plugin settings, so you can decide yourself.

Bug fix to allow messages send to LinkedIN.

Remark: You need to adapt your LinkedIN app: In the scope settings you need to enable all settings except r_basicprofile, rw_groups and rw_company_admin to be able to use this plugin best and to be able to send a message after initial login.

  • @Alwyn, no there is no support for admin or email validation in this plugin. Those plugins hook on the registration process, which is not used in this plugin.

    I believe that Arckinteractives social plugin is in compliance with that. I am unsure if it has all the same features this plugin has, but you could try and make your own evaluation. And please do report back, if there is a better version available yet. If there is I will stop this one and help them with new development (if they want). There are too many social plugins doing more or less the same based on hybridauth libraries.

    The only reason I created this plugin is that the original one was not maintained anymore and I needed new features and updated libraries for it to continue functioning.

  • Thanks @Gerard ... will give the Arckinteractive version a go and report back!  Thanks for getting back so rapidly and helpfully on this!

  • Seems to work fine.

    Small suggestion though: How about an alternative display of the logos that is a bit smaller? I am using the login widget on my main page and it really takes up a lot of space with the social login logos included.

    Also, while I understand that you wish to include a linkback to your website it is a pity that it can not be disabled any more from the settings.

  • For those that might run into the same issue: creating a facebook app for remote login (like needed for this plugin) does not seem to work with a facebook business account. It needs to be a (verified) personal account.

  • Suggestion for a future version: have an option for existing (regular) users to link their account to one of the external social logins so that they can use their e.g. facebook account to log in or change to another service.

  • @krishan, to change the size of the icons on the front page, edit 


    Change line:

    <img alt="<?php echo $provider_name ?>" title="<?php echo elgg_echo('social:login:provider', array($provider_name)); ?>" src="<?php echo $assets_base_url . "graphics/32x32/" . strtolower( $provider_id ) . '.png' ?>" />

    to :

    <img alt="<?php echo $provider_name ?>" title="<?php echo elgg_echo('social:login:provider', array($provider_name)); ?>" src="<?php echo $assets_base_url . "graphics/16x16/" . strtolower( $provider_id ) . '.png' ?>" />

    If you like that view, make an issue in github and I can include it in the plugin settings in a future version.

    As to linking accounts, in what scenario is that usefull ?


  • Linking accounts would be useful in the common scenario that you have a set of exisiting users that are lazy and forget their login details and thus can't be bothered to log in; But they have their facebook running all the time and then you can just tell them "click on the f, for %&/?! sake" :)

    I'll try the smaller logos. Thanks! Edit: decided to keep it at 32x32 but changed the CSS otherwise a bit to save space. For the drop-down login at the top the 16x16 looks good though, but I guess you can't easily have that different from the widget and login-page.

  • Has anyone got this to work with Yahoo?

    It seems to do everything correct to on the side of yahoo and I even get an email that the information was requested, but then when it redirects back to my site I get a "Something bad happed; unspecified error" and no new user is created.

    Works fine with Twitter, Facebook and Google though (but the instructions given on the settings page are not very helpful and partially outdated especially for google apis)

  • Hi Gerard..Great plugin and everything works just fine except it doesn't integrate with Matt Beckett's profile url plugin. The profile page is not shown when user signs up with the social login plugin instead it says "Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested." Please any help with configuring this url correctly will be much appreciated.";. Thanks

  • @Dave, I took a quick look on what the plugin of Matt is doing and that seems to limited to changing the profile URL. I am not using that plugin, but do rewrite profile URL's in a similar way.

    So in principle his plugin  should not conflict with this one, but maybe you have configured a forward URL in the social login plugin that does not exist (anymore). Check the admin settings.



  • @Gerard: Can't recreate what the problem actually is but users registered using the social login plugin cannot access their profile with the url "" but if i type the url manually as "" then it works.

  • @Dave, I have no idea why that is, but you can try to reorder the plugin. Put social login after the conflicting plugin, or before depending on the current order.

  • Please upgrade for Elgg 1.9.x

  • @dranii: I have used on Elgg 1.9 sites without any problem

  • Error message in admin panel with fresh installs of Elgg 1.9.4
    - Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views

    Main problem : cannot follow the set-up instructions even after reading the manual and the plugin admin page instructions. For example, I was trying to set up Google login.

    Now instructions are :

    1. Go to and create a new application.
    2. Fill out any required fields such as the application name and description.
    3. On the "Create Client ID" popup switch to advanced settings by clicking on (more options).
    4. Provide this URL as the Callback URL for your application:
    5. Once you have registered, copy and past the created application credentials into this setup page.

    After going to I got lost. Things do not happen like the steps above - for example there is no "create a new application" button.There is a huge list of APIs. What to choose? How to proceed? A step-by-step screenshot with the current Google in mind by anyone would be so welcome.

  • Name problems

    For example, logging in with Google credentials.
    It creates an 'username' like abc-xyz in Elgg. However, Elgg will normally not allow names like abc-xyz that has '-'
    So, how is this bypassed by Google?

    Now, next time when the user needs to login, does he do with Elgg credentials or Google credentials or any as wished?
    In Edit Profile/Settings page 'username' is not shown, only display name is shown
    Unless the user studies the url he cannot know what his username is Elgg. Is there any normal way for such user to know his username?
    If the username 'abc-xyz' is already there a number is appended by Elgg/Google to the username, which the user has no control over or can choose a more sensible username - however this is a minor problem.

    Password problem

    The user who has for the first time entered into Elgg using Google credentials wants to change password. He enters Google password in current password field. But this is not accepted and error message comes. So how does he reset password?

  • @dranii, usernames for social login is created with an random number added to the username to avoid possible existing users with the same name, which would fail registration.

    Changing username is the same as with regular users (edit user settings).

    When a user is created with this plugin a random password is generated. Other providers (like Google) do not pass the password to your site, so it is impossible to synchronise passwords.

    Resetting password must be done with the "/forgotpassword" URL. There is no other way unfortunately, since Elgg wants you to provide your password when trying to change it and as discussed the user does not know that since it is randomly generated.

    Users however would normally use the social login button instead of trying to login manually, it is easier and faster.


  • As to registering the API in google developers. Google's console is changing all the time, but while not the best UI, you should be able to figure this out.

  • Edit user settings - this has no username field in Elgg 1.9.4
    So username cannot be changed but display name can be changed.

    If resetting password needs "Forgot password" link we need to tell this to the user somewhere prominently in case they want a separate password for safety for logging into Elgg

    Thanks a lot for your help and this very useful plugin. I hope some volunteer takes screenshots and post image files- tutorial for handling the current Google console - its really difficult for someone like us who is not accustomed. There is no sufficient docs for this in Google or net it seems. But you are right, I should be able to figure this out.

  • Use profile manager to allow users to change username.

  • profile manager is buggy with Elgg 1.9.4 - probably 1.9.x version for this has not been released.
    Profile Manager also probably does not work with hypeMatchmaker or similar - plugins which suggest similar users to an user and let your site grow.

  • I tested with Elgg 1.8.x - Profile Manager or Elgg does not allow any change in User Name. Am I doing something wrong, is the option hidden somewhere ?

  • There is a 1.9 compatible version on Github of profile manager. Allowing username to edit is a plugin setting, under the settings tab, somewhere below.

  • WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views Called from [#19] /home/joobingi/public_html/engine/classes/Elgg/

    Hi ! I have this messagge in control panel when this Plugin is activated, 

    how can I fix it ?

    Thanks a lot !


  • Also I have this problem,

    when I click on Google/Twitter/Facebook icon login I receive the message: "You have to log to view the page".

    Why ? How can I fix it ?

    Thanks !


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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