Social Login v1.13

Release Notes

Wrong manifest date corrected

  • The last time i tried a social login plug in, people could register with facebook, but when they logged in they always had a different name, id conflict? Does this save the id's in order with existing members id's?

  • Installed and activated, cant find the settings link for it. I am using elgg 1.9.2 flushed and upgraded just incase but to no avail.


    P.s. took latest version from github...

  • @vextah. This plugin has not yet been updated to 1.9 and I did not tested it either. But Dry O seems to have tested it and it worked for him. I was just fixing the deprecation message for him, which probably also should fix your issue not seeing settings. Check the github version again, we must have crossed each other.

    As regards to different names and ID's. This has never been reported on this plugin by others or any of my users.

  • Ok i'll give it a go, thank you. I'll report back asap :)

  • Grabbed new github, deactivated old 1, deleted old 1, uploaded / activated / flushed / upgraded and still no settings link. :(

  • Dry O-o, how did u get this to work on 1.9? Did u have to alter any code to get the settings link to show?

  • Fixed, needed to rename folder to elgg_social_login rather than social-login.....

  • Do we have to keep the link for people to register on centillien? Seems unfair that removing that link removes the social login buttons.

  • The login buttons just take u direct to the normal login page of your site, also the hover tells that it's logging you into centillien using other accounts... I think i'll give this 1 a miss

  • Even when u try to log in normally, it still contacts other social sites for authorisation, after logging in with say... Twitter account, 20+ error messages. Sorry but uninstalled.

  • @Vextah, sorry about the hoover messages, it is fixed. As regards to other comments, as I already told you this plugin is not for Elgg 1.9 so whatever issues you have, wait for reporting those when such a version is available.


  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-12-31
  • Downloads: 8541
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