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Wrong manifest date corrected

  • ah nice! thats exactly what i just did : ), so what should i do about the facebook images not showing up? profile pics? is it a database error? thats my only conclusion to the problem what is yours?

  • someone just joined szsocial under a google account and the picture shows up

  • its working now! ^_^ disabled identicon and fluished caches 5 times and didnt click the upgrade button fixed! : )

  • Good to hear ! BTW:There should be no difference between flushing one or 5 times basically.

  • for me had to flush a few times dont know why, but also it may have bee becasue i moved servers on monday and database must of just caught up or somthing like that, it was defo identicaon anyways as you said : )

  • hi, i'm trying to use your plugin for facebook and twitter (the installation went well). So i took care of all the settings, following step by step your explanation but now when i go on "sign in with facebook/twitter" it opens a new pop up of my website but never goes on FB or TW ?

    thank you for your help :)

  • Did you run the plugin requirements test and are all requirements met (green OK) ?

  • Social Login for Elgg and "Restrict pages to logged-in users" do not seem to mix. Any ideas how to make the Login popup "public"?

  • Also, Social Login and "User Validation by Admin" don't mix...

  • Restricted pages is indeed not yet supported. I'll put it on the wish list. User validation should not interfere, but users logging in using social login do bypass that plugin.

    That is however by design, if you add a social network for authentication, you basically trust this network as validation partner.

  • I see a different usage: a restricted site, with admin validation, but the ease of social login to register initially... Maybe a corner case, but definately something I'm persuing.

  • And to be smug: authentication and authorisation should nog be confused ;)

  • @Helene, when I click on the icons I get an error message. You cannot view that page and a reload of your homepage.  It should load a loading picture.

    Your setup has ELGG installed in a subfolder and your data folder is directly accessible with a webbrowser. You should change that immediately.

    Better is to use as the URL for ELGG. This plugin does not work well within a subfolder and I am unable to test it under which conditions it fails.

  • Hi !

    Am trying to use your plugin at

    Seems to haev istalled properly .. new Elgg installation..but nothing comes up except your link to !

    Also, excatly how do I " Follow the instructions in " Plugiun Settings ".. don't seem to find any in my admin panel...

    Pl advise, thanks !




  • @ learning . You need to provide API keys for each provider in the admin plugin settings. There are links in the admin settings where to create your apps on facebook, linkedin, twitter and others.

    If you don't see settings, try to disable all other 3rd partij plugins. There might be one conflicting social login. 

  • Thanks .. this is a plain install and the ONLY plugin installed till now is yours :-)

    Do I need to install the HYBRIDAUTH Libraries first ? If so, how ?

    In Configure>Settings>Advanced Settings>Enable Elgg's web services API should be Enabled, right ?

    And the  Plugin Settings should show up in :

    Configure>plugins>Soical Login1.1.3 box ?

    What I see in the more info tab there :

    Requires Elgg version >= 2011032201 2013030600 ok
    Requires PHP extension: curl     ok
    Provides Plugin: social-login-master 1.1.3 -- ok

    Any problems you see there ?

    Since I am not a programmer - just a user, will appreciate all inputs ...

  • HYBRIDAUTH libraries are included in the plugin. Settings are in Admin-> Configure -> Settings

    If you still don't see settings, check the error log and report any errors you see.

    Sometimes running upgrade helps. from admin dashboard. But normally should only be needed if actually upgrading the plugin.

  • Screenshot
    how to change to rearrage login button core twitter_api login button and social login in same place

  • The simplest way is to use the twitter login from this plugin and do not use the core twitter api. Buttons align well then.

    Another more complex way is to change the core twitter api button and also change the view where they extend the login.

  • @Gerard - sorry couldn't get it to work...

    Meanwhile, found anoter Plugin .. Social Connect by Federico Mestrone which seems to be working fine.....managed to connect FB and Linkedin...ah well, thanks for your attention and efforts anyways...


  • no facebook profile image 

  • me too for a few months but i just add them myself lol defo have to sort this out gerrard will fix it am sure or give us a solution, is it becasue i am using https?

  • I use https too and there is no issue with https. I just tested this version on my site and I do get profile images taken from facebook. You have to check your facebook app settings, make sure you have followed up on the updates that facebook is mandating and that everything is filled in correctly.

  • Works great with elgg 1.9!


    I can login with twitter & google accout.


    • Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views

    but what is this?

    Can I igonore this?


  • Yes, you can ignore this error. I have made an issue for this on github

    Make sure you use the latest version, which this isn't !


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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