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Correct folder name.

  • Hello,

    It looks like a very nice and useful plugin, unfortunately I'm not a developer. In the instructions it says to create a new application, in non of the sites is that an option, first you have to register as a developer.

    Facebook for some reason doesn't send the confirmation by text, not your fault.

    Linkedin wants all kinds of Developer information like contact email, phone etc. I'm not the developer.

    Google, more or less the same thing, it talks about API's and there is a Sign up for a free trial.

    If it was simply getting an api number or like Google Adsense code it would be easy to set up.

    You've done an excellent job in the documentation of explaining what url's to enter but as a non developer I don't see how I can put this to use.

    Thank you,

  • Don't get discouraged yet Dan, you really don't need to be a developer to get this going. All providers call it that way, since you need code on your website to be able to work with their API's. This plugin is doing that work for you.

    I do agree that it is sometimes hard to fill in the details, especially Facebook. But I cannot change that.

  • I'm one of those black and white type people. As I read the instructions I try to follow them, when it says create a new application, I look for a link that says that.

    When it starts asking the the developers url and email, is it mine I'm suppose to put in there?

    What about when Google has Sign up for a free trial, is that something I have to do? If it's a fee trial then it means it will be a cost later for a free website.

    It would be nice if as a developer you could have group coverage. I know when I got my original Google Maps API for use on my website it was easy, just like ReCaptcha.

  • You do not need to sign up for a trial. If you have a gmail account you can sign in at  Create a new project, under API's & Auth -> credentials you can create a new client id for Oauth2 for free.


  • I got it to work but not work with Google. I have my elgg is in a sub-directory. Under the settings for the homepage url I have

    After it logs me with with Google it takes me to which isn't my elgg directory.

    The domain for javascript is and can't be a path so I don't know if that is what is causing the problem.

    There must be a setting somewhere I'm missing or it won't work if elgg is in a sub-directory.

  • I haven't tested it with elgg in a subdir. Anyway, make sure that the callback url includes the subdir.

  • I just set up Linkedin and it does the exact same thing. I'm copying the code from the plugin for the callback which shows the sub-directory.

    Could it be hard coded on the other end to go to the root of the domain?

    If you want to see what's happening you are welcome to test it out. I can delete the user account after it's created.

    Here is the link

  • I tried logging in with Google and that works fine. An account has been created and I am now a member of your site. Please delete the account.

  • I've already deleted the account.

    The login and account creation works, the only problem is it takes them to the home page of the web site not to the elgg section. Then they have to select from the menu to get to elgg.

    After they register using Google or Linkedin, why is it taking them to the root domain and not to elgg?

  • You can forward them to any page after logging in. Just use the forward plugin setting like /elgg/activity

  • I hate to be a pain, maybe I should change my user id to Hemorrhoid. :-)

    The login part is working fine and I found the forward url in the plugin setting. :-)

    When I go to register, I'm not getting the "Or connect with:" option.

    I do have the age restriction plugin installed. I tried disabling it but it didn't make a difference. Any idea why I'm not getting the "Or connect with:" option?

  • That is a good one. I hacked out that part in the start section of the plugin, since I decided not to use it in register for myself. It is easy to fix,

    Either use the version on github, or remove the // from the line in start.php like this

        function elgg_social_login_init()
            elgg_extend_view( 'forms/login'   , 'elgg_social_login/login' );
            elgg_extend_view( 'forms/register', 'elgg_social_login/login' );

  • Thank you for this useful plugin.

    With the 1.10 version of the plugin on Elgg 1.8.19, a issue is observed. Only the Twitter login is enabled in the plugin settings.Tried also with all other non-bundled plugins disabled.

    The observation is: on the login screen, user can not use the tab to move from the username to password field. When you click on the password field, then the Twitter login window pops-up. Closing down the pop-up and clicking back to the password field results the twitter login window pop-up again. The only way is without closing the pop-up, just clicking on the password field and proceed. I rolled back to the 1.9 version of the plugin but could not find settings, hence not tested (I might have made a mistake here). Rolled back to plugin version 1.14, then this issue is not observed.


  • I cannot reproduce the issue with Twitter. The login screen is provided by twitter and the plugin is not messing around with that page. You might want to use developer screen (f12) in most browsers and see if there are any javascript issue.

  • Hi Gerard !

    Great plugin, only one problem.

    When I log in with one of those social accounts, they take only photo and name but no mail address or any other detail of user profile.

    Can you help me ? Do you know why ? What can i do for fix it ?

    Thank you !


  • I'm getting error messages in admin panel on elgg 1.10.3 with this plugin even before I activate it

    • Deprecated in 1.9: elgg_version in manifest.xml files is deprecated. Use elgg_release

    • Deprecated in 1.9: elgg_version in manifest.xml files is deprecated. Use elgg_release

  • @jeff, that is just a small issue with manifest. I'll upload a new version.

    @Joobling. The plugin takes name,email address, description and location from most of the connectors. Most providers like facebook and linkedin also mention that to the user, before allowing to use it.

    You need to fill in what will be used in while making the app at the provider.


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