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Release Notes


-Fixed some links.

-Not compatible with Custom Index. This was designed to replace the Custom_Index plugin, so don't expect any compatibility.

  • Great, working on the 1.8.16 version of the core is very good, thanks to contribute code and ideas, and if possible I wish I could contribute to such point code, such as writing a small plugin, but I do not know how to start, where entry documents.



                   cjzy_1       from google translate

  • @cjzy_1 sure, go ahead, you can read the elgg docs, or download any plugin and study it :D

  • Okay, maybe I have the code from the study began, thank you very much.


                                                                                     a newcomer elgg

  • Maravilhoso trabalho! Fiquei fascinado com este tema e como eu sou um leigo nesta área, gostaria de saber qual lugar ou aba eu clicarei para adicionar posts e imagens, assim como se faz no tema facebook!

    Eu não encontrei este lugar, onde colocamos textos e upload de arquivos. Por favor, me oriente! 

    Atenciosamente, Ademar Morais.


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