• If you like this plugin, and am a fine coder, you maybe can fork the plugin on github, and make the ordering work.. Maybe adding some more nice features like drag and drop ordering.

  • Great plugin, I use it on my site. I translated it on german and can share it with the community (how to do it?)

    If possible, please change the text "Browser path - <site link>" with "Browser path - %s", in order to enable the generic translation. Thanks a lot in advance!

  • you can write documentation for creating this plugin, I'd love to learn how to create a plugin, but I do not know how.
    Documents just simply explaining the functions and features of the plugin that you use the function

  • This plugin do the same as anypages!!

  • @Calin, as told it was not me whom developed the plugin, so if you know how, please go into github and participate on the project

    @Tiago8v: NO, it is not the same as anypagessss. No metadata on anypages, no site menu, and no infront editing. This info_pages can do.

    So you can lock the admin pages for roles_moderators, but they can still contribute on creating info pages in the front end. And keep the admin area for real admins.. :)


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1134
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