[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X - 3.X: Emaildomains] v4.0.0

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  • Requires Elgg 4.0 at minimum,
  • Updated for Elgg 4.
  • I use this plugin on my elgg 4.3.2. I typed some email providers such as "esiix.com", "bk.ru" in deny box in the settings. Unfortunately, I am still getting new registrations on them.
    I don'f know why?

  • esiix.com, bk.ru not "esiix.com", "bk.ru"

  • Yes, I typed just as you said. Without quotations. But it doesn't prevent from them. Some of the line is below:


  • Even I left a space after commas

  • I've tested it under Elgg 4.3 and it works for me as it should. You might want to try version 4.3.0 of Emaildomains. It shouldn't matter regarding functionality but who knows?

  • I installed its 4.3.0 version and activated. İt looks it is ok boş.

  • Today, I got three new registrations using emails whose servers are denied in admin section of the plugin "emaildomains" (esiix.com, bd.dns-cloud.net, 1secmail.com):  




    Isn't it strange?


  • Version 4.3.0 of Emaildomains works for me without problems, i.e. the email domains entered in the "Deny from" field are blocked on account registration. I would suggest you test for yourself on your site what happens if a blocked email domain is used. Maybe some other plugin you use (and that might not be fully compatible with Elgg 4.3) causing the problem. Or something else is wron on your site or in the way you entered the email domains to be blocked in the Emaildomains settings options.

  • iionly,

    Sorry to say that I did what you said.

    kbbrenders.co.uk is in "deny from" box. I logged out. Then I tried to register a new user named "deno" with an email "deno@kbbrenders.co.uk". It has been registered successfully and it displayed "deno@kbbrenders.co.uk adresine e-posta gönderildi" meaning "an email is sent to deno@deno@kbbrenders.co.uk." in English.

    Then I logged in as an admin to check if it is listed in the user section, yes it is there pending validation. 

    One more thing is that I also write three servers (yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com) for Allow only box , wondering if this could be successful, unfortunately it couldn't prevent to get new registrations from the others.

    My website is www.usumda.com . The deny from box is exactly as kbbrenders.co.uk, toptenbest.in, on.webolowitz.com, dcctb.com, freundin.ru, tempr.email, t.woeishyang.com, spambog.ru, web20.services, hidebox.org, spambog.com, mailcatch.com, mailmenot.io, 1secmail.net, 0815.ru, hotbird.giize.com, adult-work.info, 0815.ru, now.mefound.com, mail.ru, list.ru, inbox.ru, bk.ru,lajoska.pe.hu, doctp.com, moviescraz.com, hidebox.com, wwjmp.com, oosln.com, ride.ceako.com,space.sudeu.com,streamboost.xyz,t.worshyang.com,oosln.com,spanbog.com,lajoska.pe.hu,wwjmp.com,awesomeplacesonearth.com,cumminscidermill.com 

    You may try to register with any of those. 

    To sum up, What I wrote is definitely not to defame the plugin or to make you busy in vain, I need such a plugin indeed. But it looks something wrong. I don't know what.

  • "Deny from" is checked before "Allow only". So, an email domain included in the "Deny from" list should not be allowed regardless if there's anything in the "Allow only" list or not.

    I've tested the blocking on registration with release 4.3.0 on Elgg 4.3.3. It worked for me as it should. Therefore, it's a bit unlikely that there's a general problem in the Emaildomain plugin right now.

    I also tested if it matters if the bundled Uservalidationbyemail plugin is enabled or not or if the Elgg site settings require an admin to activate the account or not. But it wouldn't matter. A email domain in the block list results in the registration of the account not being accepted.

    As I wrote in my last posting my current guess is that you have some other 3rd party plugin installed in your site that is either conflicting with the Emaildomain plugin or maybe even override the email domain check of the Emaildomain plugin to not being done at all. Therefore, no blocking would happen because the check isn't executed in the first place. As I don't know what other plugins you use I can't say if my guess is correct or not. But you might want to test if there's a difference if you deactivate the other 3rd party plugins temporarily just while you test the account registration with an email address that is supposed to be blocked. I don't see any other way.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
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