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IMPORTANT, Ref running elgg example page here: Also wiki page here:


Re-work conference creation code for better error resolution and more robustness. At least one major cause of the 'internal error' problem was found and addressed in this release.

  • thanks; i just tested this version..
    i can now load the widget without an error and can see the list of options in the widget preferences area.
    when i chose 'peer to peer' i saw 'No Other Users Currently Online'. i then signed-in as a 2nd user (so that 2 users are signed-in) and added the widget to the 2nd users profile and stills see the same 'No Other Users Currently Online' for that 2nd user too.. so that seems to be a bug - unless i am mistaking the way the peer to peer option is intended to function.

    the 'group chat' option produced an empty widget except for a text box input - which does not appear to do anything.. and a link to go to the full babelroom page. 

    the 'conference' mode just produced a link to go to 'join room' which took me to the full babelroom page too.

    the 'presentation' mode shows various presentation related buttons, but not much more (presumably because i haven't created a presentation in babelroom yet).

    when i use the main babelroom page, i am still unable to activate my webcam due to the same issue with the flash 'allow' functionality. (i have downloaded a flash update since the last attempt, yet the issue remains). i haven't seen a way to use webrtc in place of flash.

    any tips?

    thanks again

  • Hi John,

    thanks for the update. There are still some questions about the intended use, sorry if i didn't get the point..

    I can create a profile/dashboard widget, but i don't see the use as a "group chat", the chat isn't related to any elgg group i could select, isn't it?

    I get a message that the room is deleted/recreated every time the settings are saved, regardless if i click that "Check to reset conference"-button or not.

    @ura soul: to be able to enter text (and for a second user entering the profile page widget to see the messages) an additional refresh of the page is required - that is mentioned somewhere, but not intuitiv :)

    Every time i join a room i get a dynamically created new one, but i supposed i could configure a "permanent" room i have setup on your (or a private) hosting server?

    Thanks for any clarification on this, highly appreciate your work.

  • @ura -- thanks for the feedback. Apologies I wrote a wiki page to clarify this stuff but omitted to mention it before your comment. Please see top of this page. I added some detail specifically in response to your questions. Note we've been moving away from flash it will be removed from the full conference page in favor of webRTC. Apologies for the confusion. Feel free to reach out to me in IM or to get clarity of any items - or we can setup some time to walk thru features.


    @H.Lunke. NP. BabelRoom uses the term "Group" (Group chat) to distinguish this chat from private (one-on-one) chat. It's unfortunate that elgg also uses the term "group" to mean something different so hence the confusion. Conferences should only be recreated when you check "Check to reset conference" checkbox and that would never be set by default. Do you have an environment that would allow you to delete BabelRoom widgets, uninstall the plugin, then reinstall fresh? let me know if you continue to encounter this problem.

  • Alguem pode me ajudar 

    esta dando um erro quando entro na tela de perfil diz que o api falhou 

    para corrigir configurações


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