Release Notes



- Fixed typo which caused Call-time pass-by-reference fatal error




- New elgg plugin for BabelRoom release 2.38, compatible with 2.37

- This is an **alpha** release -- no major bugs but some minor ones and a few rough corners: feedback appreciated

- Almost complete re-write of plugin based on feedback

- Persistent users: babelroom users are sticky to their corresponding elgg user

- Embeddable BabelRoom subwidgets: group chat, P2P (video) conference, presentations and conference entry

  • thanks - yes, this version can be activated here (php 5.4+).

    i am comparing my install to the screenshots for the plugin here.. i am only seeing one type of bableroom widget on my elgg profile, not the 4 different types i can see in your 2nd screenshot.

    i have created an api key and inserted it into the admin panel in elgg.

    when i view the settings panel for the babelroom widget on my profile i only have the options for height and target. the widget content area remains empty.

    also, when i load that profile page i see an error message, which on my site is:
    An unexpected internal error occurred

    any thought as to what the challenge here may be?


  • There should be a drop-down on widget settings to select the BabelRoom "subwidget type" -- thats the mechanism to determine what function the widget provides -- see the attached screen shot I just added.

    The "unexpected internal error" sounds omnimous -- try to set the widget type and refresh page. Otherwise if you have further information to share that would be great -- this plugin version is doing a lot more than the last (which was really just a redirect link, on steroids) -- so lots more to go wrong. 

    Let me know if you can share further details and I'll have a look tomorrow.


  • ok, i see..

    there is no dropdown in the widget here.. i just see this text and the two text input fields:

    Widget Settings

    Target (for full conference page)

    _blank  Open meeting in new window
    _self|empty  Open in current window
    framename  Open in specified iframe
    ...  For more examples, see reference.

    i have examined the server logs and am not seeing any errors/warnings that are relevant.

  • is babel a plugin that does not use your hosting resources or is it self hosted? is this a chat plugin or voice or both? is it like skype? thanks : )

  • ura: thanks for the info -- I see where the problem is but not clear why this is occuring for you. If you haven't I'd suggest remove all widgets, then add again. Could you tell me your elgg version? browser? anything noteworthy about the profile you adding the widgets to (guest / admin?) -- In next release I'll add more granular checking/messages and a troubleshooting page.


    UK: BabelRoom plugins need a conference server to work -- however the plugin is preconfigured to use a default out of the box -- you can set it to use private account and/or server from plugin settings. It's more and less than skype -- more as it does more than voice+chat (presentations etc.), less as it uses WebRTC -- still an emerging technology lacking broad support.

  • ok, i removed all the widgets from my profile and then just added the babelroom widget.. the same error and outcome occurred.

    the elgg version is 1.8.16; the browser is chromium 64bit latest stable - linux.

    the profile is the main admin profile (mine).
    the only other relevant info that i know of is that the message appears that shows the bableroom room has been created after i activate the widget (simultaneously with the error message about the internal error).

  • OK thanks ura for the detail I'll followup with a new troubleshooting page and new release (in a few days or so). I'll add more diagnostic messages specifically around the area you've encountered a problem. I may need to ask for elgg help as not sure why getOwnerGUID() would fail here: ~ line 127

  • ok thanks.

    at an initial glance at the code, my only thought is that the $widget object may not be being passed correctly into the function for some reason.
    but i haven't coded anything specifically that uses widgets in such a way, so i don't have much to add here.

  • @John i know you just answered my question but i am still confused about does this plugin use your own resources or external resources? basically do you need a dedicated or vps server to run this plugin?

  • @UK -- short answer: no. You don't need a dedicated or vps to run/use the plugin. The minimum requirement is that you have (1) the capacity to install an elgg plugin from .zip file, i.e. permissions to unzip the zipfile in mod directory and (2) elgg admin permissions to install plugin -- but I think you'd need those permissions for all plugins. 

  • @UK -- short answer: no. You don't need a dedicated or vps to run/use the plugin. The minimum requirement is that you have (1) the capacity to install an elgg plugin from .zip file, i.e. permissions to unzip the zipfile in mod directory and (2) elgg admin permissions to install plugin -- but I think you'd need those permissions for all plugins. 

  • ok just making sure as with shared hosting you can not use self hosted chat scripts etc will result in account being paused or canceled baned etc

  • @UK ok I understand -- unfortunately I can't comment on this aspect of whether this plugin is compatible with vps environements -- thats really a non-technical issue concerning the TOS of the hosting provider. So that's something you would need to unfortunately clarify with them. 

  • looking at there site seems like it is hosted by babel as far as i can tell so this means its ok for shared hosting if that is correct

  • Ahh, that free service is new no? I guess it is for beta-testing and the final version will be a cloud service for sale?

    Would be great if there was a permanent free service for non-profits from developing countries as this could be a great tool for capacity building.

  • @Krischan -- we host, correct, but you can download and run your own private server, or start your own cloud service. free. So we are quite a bit more open than the model you outline -- we have users in developing countries who run their own private server and so their service will always be "free" (permanently), naturally excluding their own costs. There's actually quite a bit of altruism in the conference space from FOSS and small start-ups -- the bad guys are the big teleco's still sell you phone service at 100x cost.

  • Yes of course (and it being FOSS is highly appreciated), however setting up a dedicated server with a proper internet connection is quite expensive and not that easy to do either. A already set-up & cheap cloud based solution would certainly be much easier.

  • This plugin looks quite interesting, any news about the unexpected internal error-issue?


  • @H.Lunke: Release 3a should address this (released but now). 


    @Krischan -- good point -- the voice conferencing (or video chat) space is quite different from other "lightweigh" startups: the network reliability required for audio voice calls is much much higher that startups which only require web based network latencies. Put another way: nobody will use something with bad audio -- no matter how cheap...


    @ura -- I think I found that problem -- apologies for the delay -- holidays et. al -- can what to try it again with newest version?


    Thx to all! -- all the best for 2014!


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