HybridAuth Client for Elgg v1.2.0

Release Notes

  • composer support and class autoloading
  • do not require users to reenter their password if connected and validated account exists
  • OpenID auth/deauth flow
  • latest HybridAuth version

If upgrading, remove the previous version, and reupload.

  • Hello!
    The plugin has a small issue with Facebook login:

    Complete Registration

    We have autogenerated your username and password. Your credentials will be sent to you via email once you complete the registration.


    When I press the button "Confirm registration" I get a error message: "Passwords must match"

  • I've got Facebook registration and login working really well ... very simple to do, actually.

    One problem ... I was using the 'User Validation by Admin' plugin (community.elgg.org/plugins/875414/1.1/user-validation-by-admin-for-18x) to keep the community to the folk who should be using it [it's not a public site].  But using your plugin bypasses this user-validation and just allows the user straight in both after registration and permits them to log out and log in again with the new user account.

    I've ensured that the 'User Validation by Admin' plugin is below your plugin, and even deactivated and reactivated each plugin to see if that might be the issue.

    Any ideas on how I can get these to work together, or how I might modify your plugin to create an unvalidated user rather than just register without further validation?  I'm happy to 'hack' the plugins if given some direction.

  • @Mariusz, could you please open an issue on github. We have removed an extra step, which might have ended up causing that issue.
    @Alwyn, my intuition says it should be working. If it doesn't, it must be an easy fix

  • What am i not doing right, i get the message "You cannot access this page directly." each time i click on the connect buttons both for twitter and facebook.

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