HybridAuth Client for Elgg v1.0.4

Release Notes


  • improved authentication logic for multiple social accounts
  • an option to deauthenticate a social account so it can be linked another Elgg profile


  • an option to import user settings from elgg_social_connect


  • an option to import user settings from social_connect


  • updated documentation
  • plugin setting to edit permissions scope
  • no facebook profile picture in elgg 1.8.16

  • Using your plugin the member gets to the registration compleate section and once the button is pressed it then does not log them in or send out the details.


  • Asking the new user permission, is it possible to post on a Facebook wall or send an email to the user's contacts saying something like "I registered to this site, wanna join"?

  • When registering with facebook, there is a message that says the user id and the password are assigned and sent to the user. But those are never sent and we have no idea what the user password is. It is not the facebook password. So, after facebook has established the account, if the user tries to log in using the user/password fields, since he does not know what the password is, he can't. He can, of course, log in using the Facebook Icon. That work fine. The admin can't see what the password is, So What Is It?

    The admin can reset the password, and then the user can login using the user/password fields, but I have not tested to see if he can log in again using the Facebook Icon.

    In summary - when a user registers using the Facebook icon, the user has no idea what his password is. The facebook password does not work. And, although there is a message that says the user id and the password is being sent to the user, it isn't.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I've added these issues to github, so that we do not loose track of them.


    Please post further issues there.

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2017-9-12
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