add new items - popup menu v0.2.2

Release Notes

updated for 1.9 elgg

  • Somewhat seems very slippery - using latest FF
    Slippery meaning the drop-down menu disappears when I try to click on "add something new"
    I am able to click but not always - the default dropdown of settings and log out on right of the top bar appears stabler. Do the two use same type of code?

    How to add "add new photo" in the drop down - I am using iionly's Tidypics

  • i have recently upgraded this plugin to use the same type of hover effect as the login panel, yes. i will upload here later today.

    'add new photo' is not included in the dropdown since tidypics currently relies on a lightbox to initiate that function, rather than a unique page and for some reason that i am forgetting here, i thought that was a problem. i'll look at this again before uploading the new version in the community.

ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg


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