Code Analyzer v1.0.3

Release Notes

  • Fixed issue with PHP versions lower than 5.4
  • Fixed 1.8 incompatibility
  • thanks for the fix.

    when i run this on 1.8 i now see a blank white box (where i think the results will be rendered) with no 'loader' animation..
    and after a few minutes i see: 

    • there was problem during request

  • This version is a bit heavier on computations, so it's possible that some timeout kicks in. Narrowing down the amount of files to analyze (by specifying subdirectory) should help.

    There were some changes in javascript in this version, so if you don't see ajax loader, it's possible that you need to clear the browser cache.

  • Upgrading the site should involve replacing old core and bundled plugins code, not throwing new files over existing install. You want to remove files not used anymore and there was much restructurizing since 1.7. Probably that causes most of your errors as yo shouls expest only a few problems in case of 1.9, that are actually false positives (ie. Handling old parameters formats that is conditionally implemented in good functions.

    Upgrade shouldn't be scairy, as you should always keep backups and should be done on development server first - not directly on production site. I'd be more scared to run weird mix of two versions.

  • @Michele: if you backup your site (install folder, data dir & database) before cleaning up there should not be much to worry about. In case something breaks you would be able to restore the older state. You could also prepare the cleaned-up install folder in a parallel directory on your server (outside document root folder). Then you only need to move the content of this folder into your Elgg installation folder after you deleted the old content. As moving is faster than copying (especially much faster compated to uploading the files to the server) the time your site is offline will also be much shorter. Running upgrade.php after the cleaned-up install directory is in place will also help.

    Regarding the deprecated warnings in core files you will most likely not be able to get rid of all of them. Some functions that technically got deprecated are still necessary to allow for backward compatibility with existing plugins (otherwise they would stop working on the new Elgg release immediately). Though on Elgg 1.8 the core code might also not have been searched for deprecated functions as thoroughly as it might have been possible. On Elgg 1.9 the occurrence of deprecated functions in core should have been reduced to the absolute mininim though.

  • BTW any feedback on code auto-fixing is very appreciated. Would like to know if it makes sense to dig into more complex fixing scenarios.

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