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  • Deprecated functions calls detection
  • thanks :)
    i'm seeing deprecation issues only presently.. what else will the plugin highlight?

    maybe this is a good location to share our findings about what plugins need what updates?
    i'm seeing a small list of core code that contains deprecated functions and a selection of others, including tidypics beta5 from iionly, maintenance, update_services, profile_manger and widget_manager

  • For now I'm focusing on finding deprecated code. Analayzing function calls for now. More complex deprecation cases may be hard to catch. Definitely old views formats can be caught easily, maybe deprecated values from $vars as well.

    If you have particular ideas of stuff that we could easily do/detect, let me know.

    You should be mostly concerned about removing code deprecated in 1.7. Stuff deprecated in 1.8 is still used in the core as you can see, but it's normal.

    I'd like to fix found problems automatically in future, to save developers time on making trivial changes. And probably assess particular plugin compatibility with newer versions, so you know if you shoould expect problems or not.

  • P.S. I'd write about found things that need to be fixed directly in plugin projects that are concerned. Should be more organized this way. Writing them here would just make more noise than necessary.

  • hmm.. i'm not sure that these desires are suitable to be added to your plugin; however, what would make debugging a bit easier would be to have a way within elgg to view php warnings and errors for each plugin, perhaps through scanning and collating data from the server logs.
    a way to auto-trace errors to their ultimate cause in code would be awesome. for example, where a guid is missing for an image in tidypics - so there's no connection of an image to an album.. the nature of what is missing/broken could be highlighted and solutions offered..
    e.g. 'assign this image to an album' -> 'choose and an album' / 'prompt user to choose an album'.

    its the database glitches such as these that i have the most issues with and no immediate easy remedy for.

    ultimately the elgg system could fix itself with enough logic added to it. maybe it could also spam facebook and start discussions in the groups too.. lol.

  • @Pawel:

    wonderful idea and code work !;-P
    soo good to see you contunue on with
    my ideas Elgg@VersChk before..
    i will be watching very closely and email 2 U
    any further ideas and any etc i can think of
    for this utility !;-oO!
    Stay on this track buddyyy!



  • Found a bug with false positives for static method calls ::

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