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0.5.2 - updated for blog_tools 2.5 compatibility

  • Just installed this and I'm getting two issues 1) the edit result for the page I tried is really distorted.

    Containers enabeldContainers disabled 

    2) doens't appear to work for photos and videos as given in the example above. Is this a setting I need to change?

  • i see there are 2 lists of categories showing on your pasted page.. are you using a category plugin other than the core 'site-wide categories' plugin, e.g. hypecategories ?

    which versions of tidypics and videolist are you using?

    have you flushed the cache of the site via the site's admin panel? that may help..
    i don't think there are any settings for the container plugin that will resolve the issues...

    i haven't seen these issues on my own site or elsewhere.


  • Yes caches flushed etc. I think I found a clue, scrolling down to the bottom of the edit page I see this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function pages_tools_use_advanced_publication_options() in/home/content/59/8407459/html/elgg/mod/containers/views/default/forms/pages/edit.php on line 84

    I'm using elgg Release - 1.8.16, Version - 2013051700 with built in site wide categories. I'm using Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.8.1beta11 and Videos 1.4 from webgalli



  • the pages_tools issue error relates to the coldtrick plugin 'pages_tools' - the code in containers check if you have installed the 'pages_tools' plugin and if you have it will perform some actions..

    the error suggests that you do not have pages_tools installed or if you do that it is either incomplete or an old version (i do not check the version specifically via the containers code as there shouldn't be a need to).

    containers does not explicitly support webgalli's videos plugin, only the videolist plugin presently. tidypics should be ok, i think it is ok for me here.. i will look again now.

  • i just tested tidypics here.. i am using the tidypics beta11 too.. i am able to use containers for tidypics albums.. (not for images since images are contained by albums and not contained by a profile or group).

  • I upgraded pages_tools and looks like we are all fixed. Moved a photo album and WOW - just what I needed!

    Thanks for the great plugin

  • :)
    ok, thanks for sharing..

    do you recall what version of pages_tools you were using previously? i will change the manifest of containers to look out for the version of pages_tools.


  • Would have to have been 1.0

    Also I can confirm that webgalli videos plugin doesnt' show the containers drop down.

  • ok thanks - yes each 'elgg entity type' such as webgalli video objects, need to be coded specifically using the approach i have used here. therefore i am not able to code this plugin to support all types of objects unless i find a better way to code it.. (there are too many plugin types and i am not using them here so i have no motivation).

    on the upside, coding for a specific plugin is pretty simple and i may look at changing the way the plugin functions to support all entity types at some point.. however, i think that elgg 1.9 has this type of function in it by default - so this plugin will be obsolete in that case.

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