Release Notes

0.5 - added support for moving discussion topics to different containers

  • It gave me white screen when I tried to edit blog. I am on 1.8.8 and also using blog tool along with blog.

  • oh ok, perhaps you can locate an error message in the server log?
    you may need to enable the error logging, perhaps using the developer plugin.

    i am always testing only on the latest elgg release, so possibly a difference exists between 1.8.8 and 1.8.16 that is relevant.

  • Runs perfect on Elgg 1.8.15 and new option to move Discussions. Thanks Ura!

  • ok thanks for letting me know.

    i just realised there is another possible issue where you might save an item to a group the does not have the subtype enabled - so the item will not be visible in that group (though the item will still be visible in the main list for that item type).
    i could add some kind of check for that scenario if it causes issues.. though elgg 1.9 is going to have this container selection feature in core i think, so most likely i will just let the core get updated.

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