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0.3 - first release on elgg community

  • Can you please provide images.

  • I am currently using version 1.85. After installing the plugin:

    • I only get my profile in the dropdown selector.
    • I don't get the selector for blog posts.



  • hey pepe,
    is the profie you are using set to be a member of groups on your site?
    are you saying that the selector does appear for some object types and not blogs?

    i have only tested this on 1.8.14 elgg - so some pages / mods may have changed since 1.8.5 that are causing ur issues.

  • Yes, the profile I am using is member of groups and is also creator of groups (I have tested with different profiles) and the selector does appear for all object types except blogs.


  • @pepe_le_mocco : i just real-eyes-ed.. you may need to move this plugin after the blog plugin in the plugins list.. i will release an update that includes this requirement in the manifest file.

  • Amazing exact what I was looking for great plugin.

  • I wondering ifs possible to move topics and other content to .. I could not find the way how to do the moves.

  • this plugin moves videolist videos, tidypics albums, bookmarks, files and pinboards..
    i didn't get to add discussion topics yet, though a plugin already exists to do that called 'community_groups'..
    i will most likely add that ability to this plugin at some point soon.

  • Amazing work... ;) thanks again.





  • Hi Ura. Do You remenber this conversation? :)

    You are a bad boy, You must to send some message to me before publish this container pluging. It's great!

    It's tested and works fine with videos (videolist), albums (tidypics), bookmarks and files.

    If containers pluging add the option to work with blogs, discussions and pages... will be once the most important plugings in this comunity. Remember this, time to time!

    Must be to include an option to work only for admins, really!



  • ;)
    this plugin does work with blogs and pages for me.. does it not work for blogs and pages for you?

    i'm not sure an admin only option would be of much use, since the plugin only allows entities to be moved to groups that the current user is a member of, so there's no access permissions issues to deal with, any user can move items to the areas they have access to.

  • ah yes, if you move this plugin to the bottom of the plugin list it will work with blog and pages too.

  • Sorry!!!, your containers pluging works also with blogs and pages.

    Must work with discussion topics to be a "perfect round ball". :)

    I agree with you about the option "only admin" is not really necessary.

    How I can promote this pluging? The community must Know this important work.


  • i will look at adding discussions in a future version, yes.
    i am also creating another plugin that adds an 'add item' menu to the topbar; so together, the two plugins make adding new items to elgg very easy.

    you could promote this plugin by donating to me and i will pay my friend to make a promotional video. lol. ;)
    other than by discussing and recommending and donating, i'm not sure.. this is lagging behind with features.

  • I detect a little error. In tidypics album it's possible to change the group without problems but the images group always has a private status, it's not possible to change.

  • i'm not sure what you are describing here about the 'private' part.
    i am using tidypics beta 6 for 1.8 elgg. the access and folder structure is one part that has been evolving in tidypics.
    now i am testing this more thoroughly, i realise that 'container' should not appear for individual photos, only for albums, since albums are containers themselves.
    i will change this in the next release. thanks.

  • Another small mistake. Your pluging disables the option "upload images" in pluging Blog_Tools 2.4. Not know the reason.

  • ah ok, thanks, i'll fix that in the next release.. possibly there may be similar issues for fields in page_tools and file_tools

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