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allows container (group or profile) to be set for elgg entities (blogs, videos etc) by adding a dropdown selector to the entity's edit/save page.

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  • adds a dropdown selector to the edit/save page for commonly used elgg objects (blogs, bookmarks, tidypics, videolist, file, au_sets (pinboards)).
  • allows already existing entities to be moved to a group or the currently logged in user's profile, meaning entities can be moved between groups or moved to be contained by the user's profile.
  • creating new entities is simplified since we do not need to navigate to a relevant group to create the item in that group; one single 'add new' page is now sufficient per entity type.
  • a label is also added to entity listings to show which group the entity is contained by.
  • grabs correct privacy levels for the newly selected container via AJAX.
  • allows the standard bookmarklet to be more useful - one bookmarklet can now be used to initiate the creation of links to be added to any group, rather than just for your profile


be sure to remove previous versions of this plugin completely before installing the latest version.

n.b. be sure to put this plugin towards the bottom of your list of plugins in elgg.

TO DO (to be added to this plugin before it is complete):

  • only show groups where the entity subtype is supported.

ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2017-4-2
  • Downloads: 4839
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